Contest-Ramadan (Finale)

Country: Singapore
Updated:7.9.10- Thank you for ur abundant…fast and wonderful replies! This contest is now close.

The first 2 correct entries received will win a $20 food voucher from Kintamani (Furama) and these are valid for 2-3 months from now.And best part is,it can be used for buffet,woohoo! (eh,why am I excited,ah?)

Only winners will be notified by email.

Ok..Just answer the questions…..

Are you ready?

1)What is the name of Chef Derrick’s favourite recipe?
2)Name 3 ways to properly thaw a U.S Turkey.
3)Complete this sentence: I love because….

Submit your answers to ASAP! Hurry!!!

Have a yummilicious Eid!


p.s: Hint?

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