Alhamdulillah. (Praise to God)
WHQ was featured in these magazines,newspapers and tv programs both locally and internationally. 

1)Halal Food & Beverage – March 2008

4)TV: Was invited on TV program (Local)-FYI

FYI show 

5)June 2009-participate in a pilot video project with Mustafa Centre, Arab Street vendors/restaurants, Little India and Geylang Serai Market

6)8th August 2009  WHQ’s founder was featured in a TV program in San Diego,USA.
(Cox Channel 23, 8.8.09 Saturday 8.30am)

 7)20th September 2009 -Alhamdulillah, 3 months ago GuideGecko approached WHQ to publish a guide book on Halal food Singapore.So here it is… (thank u so much for all of ur endless support, God bless!) .If u are unsure whether to buy the e-book or hardcopy, click here
Buy my book.Thanks for ur support!

8)Berita Harian -21st January 2010 (2pages) featured WHQ’s founder…read all about it here:

9)Berita Minggu :On 18th April 2010 (Sunday)… Alhamdulillah! WHQ’s food review was published in local newspaper (half page) not as Putriberendam but in founder’s full name-Lina Masrina Masroom. For more info, click on this.
10)WHQ Reviews in Berita Minggu (National Malay newspaper) 2010-2013

11)Partnering with a popular worldwide muslim site (Finland): 

13)August/September 2010 : WHQ Ramadan series with collaborations with many yummilicious HALAL Restaurants and not forgetting the abundant contest and delicious prizes: 

14)On 18.9.2010, Worldhalalquest is going mobile! (iphone app) . This beta app has ended. For more info,refer to these sites…

15) March 28 , 2011 Partnering link with: ‘
(under Cultural Activities -Click on Marrakech Djemma El Fna Souk and Wa la! )
16) Collaboration : Lina Masrina with Purity Beauty wellness brand (make-up n pretty faces model ambassador)
17) TV: Lina Masrina Appeared on OKTO channel in 2011 n 2012

18) TV: Lina Masrina Appeared on Prime Time, woohoo! Channel 5 on Valentine’s day 2013.

19)TV: Lina Masrina Appeared for 2 episodes of Jus! in Suria channel (Singapore) May 13 showcasing the Halal food in Singapore.

20) Video interview feature: Lina Masrina’s personal journey for Single Mom Awareness Event 2013

21)Lina Masrina Appeared on TV: Suria Channel 10th of June 2013 .

22)Partnership with Bryan Yong Photography (Malaysia) .

23) Launch of  WHQ travelogue: Halal food is for all (Vietnam).

23) Eve Speakz invited Lina Masrina as inspiring writer for their empowering women site.

24) Weekly feature of Lina Masrina with popular multi-Millionaire speaker Abang Abu (Malaysia and Singapore)

25) Lina Masrina’s books are available in Amazon and Barnes & Noble!
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