40 days on Facebook page…

21 days of continuous affirmations with feelings can change a habit or create a new one.

One Muslim motivator (Malaysian) noted that it took 40 days to effectively change and embrace the new habit fully.
And so with that… I believe 40 days of Facebook “blogging” is enough.
I was more anxious to blog in Facebook than in blogger… 
This was what I wrote in Facebook page: Facebook.com/linamasrina.page
“After 40 days of sharing my everyday – what I feel like saying… on Facebook page, it felt like I’ve shared enough here.
Facebook page consist of people I knew personally. I can put faces to the names but in my blog, I can’t. And so in here, it’s a bit more terrifying to share than in the blog. 
Nevertheless, thank you for being with me as I rise up with my thoughts and words shared spontaneously. 
Empowering women was an initiative for me to empower my womanly self. I was feeling lost and awkward with my words. Unsure if I still have the magic as a writer. 
Also last year events have created a crater within in which grief, anger and despair, depressed and many more has been my constant companions.
It took me a lot of courage just to write from my heart but I did it. Thru this initiative, I felt as though I’ve been seen, naked and raw with my feelings here. And I thank you all for supporting me.
First and foremost, I apologised… 
These stories shared spontaneously from heart were not meant to embarrass anyone (because I believe with time, the people mentioned have changed for the better) but to voice out the hidden stories, emotions, lessons, wounds and many more. 
As a writer, this is my legacy. To voice out stuff that makes us uncomfortable. To share my wounds in order to heal fully so that you as the reader can look upon yours and heal, as well. 
And I believed people in our lives were there to help us grow fully into the greater beings that we are supposed to be. So Thank You! 
I’m not sure how long I shall share this space for my vulnerability but I’m gonna retreat back to my blog for the next sharings…
In this challenging period where we were asked to stay home and be amongst our close loved ones….
I urged you to take time out to ponder why this is so.
Is mankind going forward too fast in the wrong path that we need some form of divine intervention? 
Or perhaps this is our own doing. And if this is so, how can we solve this and prevent it from returning? 
How can we see this as a blessing? 
How can we improve ourselves and solve this as one world ? 
And many more… 
I believe this is a big moment of the world’s awakening. 
And it’s time we each seek the hidden powers we tuck deeply, hidden inside. 
It’s time we pay attention to the present, the Now and be aware. 
And at the same time, be kind, see thru the eyes of love cause I believe everyone is doing their best including our leaders.
And if your life was not great, filled with unfulfilled desires and dreams and not filled with love and joy, then it’s time to make changes. It’s time to really look deeper and do something about it.
If we have been busy chasing wealth or work too hard for the future that we forgot our present moments with our loved ones, then it’s time we cherish these precious times and spend it with them. 
Remember.. at your death bed, it was never about the money in the bank, or the luxuries you accumulated but about how much love and time you spent making memories with your loved ones. 
And do not forget your dear self.
Pamper self with much TLC and selflove. Give the love that you desire in others to self. Take time to journal and list your gratitudes daily.
This is a time for healing and love. Take time to listen to the silence. Take time to reconnect with higher self.
Life is about balance. 
As much as you keep yourself updated thru news and social media, ensure that you stay positive and cleanse with Ho’oponopono – just say silently within: I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you. (you can either say all of it or just one, whatever feels right for you).
Raise your energy and vibes, everyday. Honour your healthy boundaries and emotions. Do whatever it takes to be happy. Take one day at a time. 
Meanwhile, stay sane, stay positively healthy and be kind.
Sending my love to each and everyone of you… 
I see you, 
With my heart. 
Thank you. I love you,
Lina Masrina.
P. S: And I invite you to my blog linamasrina.com, relax, unwind, read it while sipping chamomile tea… While I continue the rest of my daily sharings of – what I feel like saying… Or you can write your own in your own journal, your own self-expressions unleashed. I believe everyone has the gift. Namaste. “

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