118 – Infinite love

What I feel like saying….
Sometimes I wonder what is life all about? We see glimpses of truth here and there but never the full picture.
And I kept wondering, why were we sent to Earth? What is God’s plan? Why did He create us, even though he knew we will create chaos and bloodshed?
And is there hope for mankind?
I was told of a story whereby 2 angels came to Earth to prove that they can be better at being humans. But they failed and were hung till end of time.
And I wondered, what about us? Do we stand a chance of attaining paradise? Are we really a doomed race?
Growing up hearing stories about hell, punishment and such, I wondered if ever anyone can be saved. 
On Earth can be quite challenging. Next will be after-death which does not seem promising. And lastly hereafter, whereby we will be judged accordingly and be given residence in Paradise or Hell.
Where is hope in all of these stories? I think children should be motivated and empowered in the stories told at bedtime or anytime of their childhood. I wasn’t.
But when hope runs dry, I remembered this deep-seated belief: The Creator is infinite LOVE.
And somehow, I smell a scent of hope blooming, somewhere. 
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