114 – Don’t kill your kids just cos you are poor

What I feel like sharing…
I grew up learning from teachers of Islam. And I adopt whatever beliefs that feels right to me.
One of the belief is that, regardless of how many kids we have, I was taught that the Creator will take care of us, all of us. 
And so far, it has been an abundant life for me and my kids even though, I’m a single Mom. 
As mentioned, in my past blog post. I’ve seen a family with more than 3 kids having a simple happy life in abundance and I’ve seen a family with an only child, struggling in a fancy wealthy life. 
Abundance or lack? You choose. It begins first with the mind. 
Recently, I noticed there were many TV shows or movies (or perhaps it’s been there decades ago cos I don’t do much TV binge-ing) that indicate we will be overpopulated and the Earth’s resources will be limited or dry up. And one of the solution is to kill some while keeping others alive.
I believe that live or die decision lies with the Creator. I don’t think Humans should have any say in it. 
Because every life matters. 
Who has the right to condemn one to die and another to live? Who has that right? Definitely not one of us. 
I believe the Universe is vast. And if the population grows, there will be more abundance and more opportunities unfold and discovered. 
I believe if its the end of the world, nothing we do, can help. But we can die trying. 
No one has the right to choose who needs to die or who needs to live for others. Let that be the act of God or fate, whatever you called it. 
As humans, I believe we have to do our best to cherish our lives, everyone’s lives and make the best use of it. 
Because we never can understand the Creator’s bigger plans and intentions. We can get a glimpse of what it is but not the whole picture. 
That’s what I believe. 
So, if you are struggling on your own with children… 
Take a breather. Thank yourself for going so far at this juncture of life. 
Take a moment to notice the little blessings surrounding you and be in gratitude (the air that you breathe is abundant right?) 
List it, express it, write it down, whatever. 
And then, you sense your heart feeling happy and lighter. Trust and have faith that the Universe will have your back including your kids and family. 
Let go and surrender. When the miracles started rolling in, rejoice and celebrate in your own way (do a little dance, say a little prayer, or send some love back to the Universe and the peeps in your surroundings). 
Continue this habit. Reject the word and world of “lack” and peeps who complain. 
Surround yourself in abundance and gratitude, you will vibe and live to be them. 
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