112 – Change challenges into opportunities to learn.

What I feel like saying….
Change challenges into opportunities to learn.
Since coping at home was tough for me, a bird who loves to wander about in different parts of the world…
I put that extra restlessness unto learning something new everyday. I went into life hacks videos. And I’m amazed by the myriad ways we can simplify our lives and make it more efficient.
For example, I have difficulty getting my favorite powdered deodorant. It’s not body powder or talcum but powder placed on armpits where it absorps sweat and makes one body smells neutral.
I’m used to wearing it when I was on camps and especially when we seldom shower. And no matter how many days, I sweat and not showered, I won’t stink and smell. That was my favorite  travel deodorant as well. Best thing, it’s powdered and not liquified, so no hassle of limiting to 100ml and such. 
And so I’ve tried all kinds of homemade deodorant showcased online. And eventually I came to one that works well for me. 
Corn starch and bicarbonate powder. Mixed them in equal parts and placed them in a tightly lid bottle. 
Just a dab onto armpits can keep them dry and unsmelly for days. 
My kids can also enjoy using them as well. And being boys, they are so active. Sweating and stinking is the the everyday sport . And this helps curb my nose into calmness whenever they came home from school or vigorous sports activities. 
What about yourself? Any life hacks to share?
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