Is your life a lie?

It’s my wish to live more and being more authentic this year.

And it’s not just to attract the right soulmate life partner but it’s my innate desire. For me.

So my question to me and to you…

When you look in the mirror everyday, what do you see?

For years I’ve been living a lie, crafting my “fraud” life as my truth.. thinking this is what the world wants me to be….

Hiding my authentic self… and slowly crawling towards “death” as the light of my tunnel as a form of destination, a goal, a finishing line… mainly to gain freedom….to be free.

(Yes I understood that I created my own “cage” and this bird wants out.)

And as I stood bravely facing this lie, ready to peel the truth….and the “reality” is disappearing and soul mates from all walks of life appears and help me break the remaining “fraud” life I’m still holding on to because of fears…

As many left (and viceversa) as I “cleanse” my lie and get more clarity on what is truly me…many new souls appear spontaneously.

Truly grateful.

That was then…
Before I was “awakened” and made aware of my life…

and its been years…and I’m still “peeling my layers” to claim back my essence of authenticity and honesty to re-discover my true self…

As I “worked” more within me and peeling more layers of my own onion skins, my “reality changes” for the better and better.

The Universe is abundantly sending me likeminded amazing spiritual “warriors of life” and lovers of growth, change and self-development and ultimately the catalyst of being-ness and oneness of love and being the light…

Thank you.
I love you.

I love this excerpt from the link below…

“These awakenings of the truth — your truth — can’t be denied forever. Underneath all the self-deceptions you’ve believed in, your soul is crying out to be revealed. A slow crack is occurring in the foundation of your life, and soon the truth will cause it to come tumbling down. — whether you want it to or not.”- Pamela Dussault

More here….



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