Day 58- settling for less

Day 58 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Settling for less. 
I’ve seen aunties and uncles settling for less. I’ve witness friends and colleagues hanging onto a “special someone” even when it’s one sided (and he/she is married) , and some who got into marriage with the reason solely because there is no one else. 
And I’ve seen the consequences of their decisions, it can be a nightmare. 
When we make our decisions based on fear and lack, definitely the truth will spring back on us, eventually. 
And I can say as an observer, not many of us are bold enough to rectify our mistakes. Nor do we have the courage to face our fears. 
Don’t settle for less. When we do that, we tend to discount ourselves and put up with misery as our deservability. 
We drag it as long as we can tolerate and eventually, it became bearable, enough to be ignored. 
The throbbing pain is still there but we choose to live a life of denial. Hoping that one day, it just magically disappear. 
Do you rather live with someone but everyday is a nightmare? Or do you rather live a life of bliss, being singular? 
We often fantasize that the special someone will make us happy and whole. But note this, if you are not happy and whole, on your own, its difficult for another to make you happy or be whole. 
Happiness is not an outside job, it’s an inner job. 
Contemplate on this…. 
What is your purpose of being in a relationship? What is your purpose of being married? 
Are you getting into a relationship just because you are lonely?…. Because it’s time to settle down?…. 
Because everyone is doing it, and you are the last one, the last single lady/guy of your peers?…. 
Because your family pressurised you…. Because you want to have kids (you better get a great choice for fathers/mothers as well) …. 
Because… Because… Because… 
Whatever it is, make sure the intention is not because of fear, of lack, of status quo, of fulfilling parents’ wishes, of being ashamed being the single one amongst your married friends…. 
We attract what we are. 
If you desire to be married or attached to another being in a relationship, ask yourself this…. 
Will you be attracted to the current you, now? 
Will you marry you, now? 
If not, work on yourself, and be in love with self. 
Know your worthiness. Know your self. And you will know what type of partner you need. Don’t just grab any Tom, Dick, Sally or Sarah. 
There is no lack of single men and women. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty. And they are amazing and wonderful. 
Whenever picking someone, 
ensure they are right for you. Follow your intuition, your heart, your gut. 
There is always a Divine timing for everything. I believe there is always someone for everyone. 
It’s an abundant world. And the Universe always has our backs. 
Creating tribes of authentic, conscious
abundant women and men around the world.
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