Day 4-It is safe to be my feminine self

Day 4 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues….

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what I feel like saying…
As I facilitate healing to more women around the world, I noticed some have “denied” their feminine gender and prowess. 
Some even believed they were not women unconsciously. 
Thus many “womanly” issues may popped up due to the conflicts within. 
I used to be one of them. I felt its not safe to be a woman. To me, back then being a girl or a woman is a weakness. A liability. 
I did my part to be as “boyish” as a child. I wanted to make my parents proud (my father wanted a boy) . I wanted to be heard and be taken seriously just like the voices of the boys and men. 
I saw how vulnerable girls and women were. They cry at the slightest things. And they often got bullied by others. I felt its not safe to be one. And I vowed never to be them. 
Somewhere in my childhood, I had taken that vow seriously though unconsciously. 
Everyone has both the feminine and masculine energies within. It’s not in equal parts/ratio. It’s not 50-50. It can be 41-59, 70-30 etc whatever it is: Everyone is different. 
But sometimes, as women we do our best to be like men. And we silence our feminine self. Because we thought that is the only way to achieve our goals. Or perhaps we fear by being a woman, we may appear weak and in need of rescuing.

The truth is:
Both our masculine and feminine self wants to be heard. Both need to be expressed. They wants to be acknowledged and loved. 
For “manly” women, by embracing our womanly essence, we will be balanced. And we are powerful when we accept and love both our feminine and masculine selves. 
It’s not easy to disrobe this false belief and identity. It took me years. But I am determine to learn and unlearn with teachers of the world.

Since then, I’ve learnt to flow by being in my feminine and masculine self. 
I participated in many programs, seminars, workshops and camps/retreats to learn more about myself. I’ve even learn to express myself as a woman amongst my tribe of conscious awaken men. They supported me well and we dance harmoniously with our energies. 
I feel safe to be who I am. And when I’m safe, my joy and love tripled. And miracles and creativity came abundantly. But mainly, it felt – I’m home and whole. 
Take your time to find the lost parts of you. Find someone or people who you trust to navigate this path with you. 
Strive to find your truth. Be authentic. Question your many masks and false identities and beliefs you created. 

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Creating tribes of authentic, conscious
abundant women around the world.
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