Ayam bakar Selegie (bbq chicken)

The last time, I went to Garuda Padang cuisine, my friend drove me home. Though its dark at night, my eyes seems to be illuminated and caught sight of this sign board “AYAM BAKAR SELEGIE” /bbq selegie chicken. I have not seen this before but then again, its been ages, I walk down my neighbouring precint…

As I walk closer to parklane near peace centre, I can smell the strong aroma of BBQ chicken, yummy! No HALAL-cert can be found but as we “interview” the staff, the cook is a muslim and they have submitted halal-certification so in 1 month time, it will be out. We even get to meet the muslim cook.

Ayam bakar @ Selegie in ParkLane.

Their business card is like homemadely..

Students got discounts!!

Their specialities are: ayam bakar and ikan lele bakar (catfish bbq). Also have ayam penyet, gado2, ayam goreng jakarta (jakarta fried chicken)…

The ayam bakar set costs $5.50 includes rice, fried tahu and tempeh (beancurd and fermented bean fried)and some fiery sambal belacan..The taste of the bbq chicken is similar to hjh Maimunah’s bbq chicken. I like!

This ramadan, I’ve always wanted to go Hjh Maimunah but too far to go geylang, kinda lazy to go thru human traffic, but alhamdulillah, now I get to taste some yummy BBQ chicken without having to go to geylang.. YIPEE!! The bbq chicken , I think its better than ojolali (but that was ages ago when I first tasted ojolali, I find it a bit sweet)But this AYAM bakar is on par with hjh maimunah..my humble opinionslah..tongues may differ.

Hot fiery prawny sambal belacan and cili padi kicap (soya sauce chili)

Complimentary green beans dessert , very fragrant a bit diluted only..

p.s: dont forget to visit the sultan kebab next doors…sedap!

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