Day 73 – Stand up for yourself

Day 73
What I feel like saying…
Standing up for yourself.
Not many are bold enough to stand up for themselves. It’s courage where only true warriors possess.
Truth is, everyone posses that power.
It takes practise.
I’m a late bloomer in personal development. It took me many decades to stand up and fight for myself.
I used to be a wimp. I hated confrontations or fights. And I used to let people stepped all over me.
For whatever reasons, I can justify myself for my past actions, I believed that I should have stood up earlier.
So, if you are like me…
It’s time to stand up for yourself. If you are afraid like I used to, then let’s take baby steps.
Do small things first.
For example, if you shared a bed with your sister and she often take your bolster or kick you out of the bed in her many nightmares…
Then stand up, support yourself, voice out, draw boundaries.
If your boss had been taking credit for your ideas, it’s time to face him/her and voice out.
If you have been saying sorry so many times for the littlest things, stop. If you continue, then the word “sorry” won’t be taken seriously by yourself or by others. 
Apologise only when it’s truly necessary. 
Notice your body language. 
Are you crouching forward? Or are you Slumping, taking little steps as if you dare not step on earth? 
Everyday, watch yourself and improve. 
Walk as if you own the world. Walk boldly as if you are the most loved being in the world. 
Be proud of your existence. 
Take baby steps. Everyday, do one thing. Do one thing to stand up for yourself. 
Have fun reclaiming yourself. 
Dear awakened men and empowered women… 
Together, we, be conscious world. 
Let’s awaken our world by being our most authentic, joyous, abundant, love selves. 
Let’s unfold our good, bad and the awesome parts of us…And loving them all. 
Be you. You are unique. You matter. 
We matter. The world need us in our colourful truths. Stand strong. Rise bold. Have courage. Work together. Unite in love. 
Our existence is important and it is powerful. Remember that. 
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