True Warriors embrace healing.

“A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.”
― Eric Micha’el Leventhal


Lina is currently on Sabbatical from July 2021 onwards. No business, healing or training will be conducted.

More info here.

After sabbatical (probably 2022/23) only international distance healing  and distance reiki will be available.

All correspondence will  ONLY be through email. 

Read the below and ensure it syncs well with your heart (connect with Lina only if you feel good/right). 

Services and Fees (All by appointment only and prices have been discounted: official fees $550 /30mins)

Mon-Weds         10pm-12am   Singapore time

International Distance REiki Healing                30mins (1 issue/symptom per client)                                                           pay what feels right

International Distance Healing                            30 mins (1 issue, find heart/root of issue ,1 layer at a time)                             $200

Local meet-up (by appointment only)

Simple                 Mon-Weds         10am-2pm                                          10 mins                                 $50

Consultations / reading/ mirroring/ scanning

Complex              Thurs                     2pm- 7pm                          

healing/ heart wall/ healing conversation             30 mins                                 $350

age /and past lives regression                                    3 hours                                 $550

Friday                   Off/ Close

(Note: Anyone with affordability issues can seek sponsorships, do email travelinghearthealer(at) for further info. Sponsorships are on case by case basis . May be full or partial fees sponsored and are from generous clients (who wishes to be anonymous)  paying-it-forward.


Sat, Sundays and home visits

 $1050 per 30 mins (including transportation fees)

Overseas visits

Flights, accommodations and fees, please email to inquire further. 6 months booking in advance is required.


Heart-wall/healing sessions x 3                                                 cost $1050           discounted price $900 (save $150) 

Heart-wall/healing sessions x 6                                                  cost $2100           discounted price $1700 (save $400)

(Pay upfront, no refunds allowed, any extra sessions will be converted to healing session or gifts to others)

Coaching (Manifesting/Healing)

6 months             30minsX 4X 6                                                      cost $13,200       discounted price $12.5K (save $700)

1 year                    (30minsX4X6) 2                                                 cost $26,400       discounted price $25K (save $1400)

(Note: all in SGD unless otherwise stated)


 Sacred Arts of Healing and Manifesting:

Restorations balance to:

Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Heart (emotions).

May include healings of:

Coming Home to self /freedom to be me (being happy, whole and authentic)

Lone wolves/Empaths (balancing, setting boundaries, shielding, clearing debris)

Childhood programming/conditioning/ re-parenting

Belief system/ patterns reprogramming


Soul detox

Self destruct/abuse/ hate / non positive habits and addictions  

Grief includes death, divorce, abortion, miscarriage etc (applicable only after 6 months of event)

Dark nights

Stress/overwhelmed/burdens/ too much responsibilities etc

Masculine and feminine

Yoni/Lingam, Womb/ Hara healing 

Karmic/ ancestral /inherited


Health (for major dis-eases, do consult your doctor first)

Career/ Business


Family/ parents/ children/animals

Soul Purpose

Happy-ness and Fulfillment

Dreams Path


Releasing and letting Go

Curse/Vow abolishment

Cords cutting and many more…


  1. This is energy healing. There will be NO physical contact/touch/massage.
  2. Lina is not a medium thus she do not handle anything relating to deceased or those who have crossed over to the other realm. Nor any entities such as ghosts, ghouls, possessed humans, haunted houses/properties or paranormal activities. But she was trained using Islamic and Quranic recitations for such, if need be, she can only share with you the above knowledge.
  3. Gifts of healing to others must be accompanied by written permission of the receiver of the gift.
  4. Clients of the age of 21 and above are allowed to seek healing from us. Below this age, do bring along consenting guardian/parent.
  5. Healing is a partnership. The moment you intent, the healing has already begun. Please have an open mind and heart. If you have a skeptical mind, please do your own research and read the testimonials. We value everyone’s time and energy and that everyone matters. So before contacting us for sessions do connect with us ONLY when you free your current limitations and fears. Please allow your inner critic, ego and skeptical mind to rest, and allow yourself to be open and be willing to learn in every step of the process.
  6. Normally energy healing session has already begun days/weeks before actual appointed healing session. Payment has to be done once the booked session is confirmed. No refund is allowed if request is less than 72 hours (3 days)of the appointed session (for local only, for international visits – 3 months).
  7. As mentioned, only connect with Lina when you feel sync in your heart or it feels right. Lina prefers harmonious relationships and has the right to choose whom she wish to do business with or provide services to.

Thank you. 


Energy healing is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

While Lina Masrina has extensive experience as an intuitive coach, consultant, healing facilitator and    practitioner, she is not a psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health care professional.

Information provided on this website is not designed to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Any information, stories, examples, or testimonials presented here/ on this website do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using any material contained herein for any particular purpose or issue.

It is important not to have expectations about the outcome of any energy healing that will take place but it may happen in unexpected way.

Lina Masrina strongly advises that you seek professional advice as appropriate before making any health decision.

By booking, attending or participating in a session/treatment of intuitive coaching, consultations, training and energy healing with Lina Masrina, including viewing this info/ website, you agree to fully release, Lina Masrina, and others associated with Lina Masrina, from any claim or liability whatsoever, including, without limitation, direct or indirect.

Thank you.  

Testimonials Worldwide

“I have the privilege to experience Lina’s healing process last month and the result of the healing and insight that I received have been very profound. Her healing process enable me to dig deeper into my childhood memories that are hindering my current experience in life. I am able to go back now to those memories feeling at peace with them and something has ‘clicked’ within. Now, I’m more certain what I need to do and what I want to bring into my life. I highly recommend using Lina’s healing processes and technique to better your life and heal from within.”

Dr. Jessica

United Kingdom

Lina travelled to my home and performed a release ceremony on myself that led me to recognize the burden of unwanted I am carrying from my mother. Lina’s calm and controlling abilities were necessary to guide my experience, and she offers a respectful and quiet presence to assist in the space of release. I was honoured to receive her gift of learned knowledge and expect to continue the path of development that is my own with further insights from spirit, both through Lina’s care and my desire to grow.



“After healing: It was an exciting experience for me-in the evening my right leg from my toes to my hip was very painful and in the beginning I wondered if I should take a pill —but then I decided “no Way” — the pain is leaving my body so be patient and the next Day ” i was correct –it was gone .THANK YOU LINA—

Being 80 years Old, everything takes a Little longer to work !!! –I remembered us at the YBurg–I walked backwards down the Hill !!! —today I walked down a hill frönt way and I laughed to myself doing it . Loving Greetings.”



“When I came to you, I had a back surgery scheduled, in order to remove a cyst that was compressing my spinal cord to a third of its normal size. I was in a lot of pain and didn’t have a big range of movement anymore. A few days after our healing session my back and my hips were ready to dance again and now almost two months after – no operation – no pain – only gratefulness and happy smiles when I’m riding my bike to school or dancing with my girls. 

Thank you for helping me remember my healing power within and the healing support around me. Thank you for believing in me so that I could remember and let go thoughts and feelings that didn’t serve me anymore.
You are a truly amazing gift to this world. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. Love you so much!”



“When I first met Lina, I was weighed down by my issues in life. For quite some time, I have been feeling numbed and feeling like I wasn’t myself. I was drowning myself in work as a means to escape and it made me feel more worn out. I dismissed my inner nudges to care for self because I was feeling tired all the time. I missed the person I was, I missed being truly happy and carefree, I missed laughing my heart out and having a really good time.

During our meet up session, I cried a lot and that was a good release because I was finally feeling my burdens. I also came to learn that I am an empath. Things began to make sense to me and I started taking care of my wants and needs, as I have a tendency to sacrifice my comfort for the comfort/caring of others. I began to feel much lighter, to smile more and have more energy for myself.

My session with Lina was a very much needed kickstart to refresh myself and my life. I am armed with more knowledge and awareness to care for my own needs first and foremost. I also had a heartwall that was blocking my ability to receive and recognize abundance and opportunities. Now, I feel more thankful and grateful for the things I have, and I look forward to more in life.

I sleep better and I wake up feeling well rested. It’s these small things that I greatly and truly appreciate of having the awareness and consciousness of. Thank you Lina, for doing this with me.”



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