My story

I started out as a curious child. Since young, I love to wander about and often got lost. But I’m often found amongst kind strangers who took me in and fed me.

And so from young, I’ve learnt the art of socialising in the unknown world.

I’m also an empath, sensitive and intuitive. I can feel things and sometimes I can see random visions of the past, present and future be it strangers or in my own surroundings. But that sensitivity is something I learnt to hide as a child. Back then, being normal was a big thing to me.

Since young, I knew I am unique and was stubborn enough to do things my own way, experimenting with life. I questioned the choices adults around me, made and what life is truly about.

After school ended, I went to work. After that, I decided to get married.The marriage was blissful with a good man.

I then became a homemaker to focus on my two beautiful sons.

While my peers were busy with their career paths, I was busy arranging my family tree. Our schedules were never meant for one another and eventually I was left to navigate my “homemaker world” on my own.

I’m a wanderer. I love to be on the move.. It’s unlike me to stay in an “indoor role” (housewife) for many years but I did it.

Somehow along the way, I got sick and I questioned myself how did I ended up this way? Overweight, aged and unhappy.

I decided to live again by writing a blog. Something I’ve procrastinated since 2005. In the year 2007, I decided to share my small intimate world with the public.

At first it was about expressing self and then I realised that one of my passion is to discover beautiful, delicious food places.

I’m a Muslim and I eat only Halal food. Halal food has its own method of preparation, art of slaughtering animals and many more.

I eat Halal not just for its many health benefits and hygiene but mainly everything was prepared in the name of Allah.

To me, everything we eat will eventually be a part of us. So why not eat the best from the cleanest and hygienic sources and methods?

Back then, there was no Halal food blogger. And I decided to be one. To do my part and serve my community in my own way.

My blog became popular within months. Soon, I was featured in magazines, newspaper and even tv. Later on it spread to international radio and tv (Malaysia and USA).

I started exploring local food places and then I spread my wings to cover neighbouring countries and eventually the world.

My popularity and fame rose …number of fans and sponsors including endorsements went up, but sadly… my marriage went down.

As much as I love my 10 years relationship, I got divorced in 2011. It was my choice. He was a good man. But we grew apart so much that we no longer see life the same way.

That was one of the biggest turning point for me.

I questioned myself-what went wrong?

All my life, I tried to be the “good girl”… doing what is right. Being the good daughter, wife, muslim and many more. But inside I was crumbling.

I was very much focused on religion;Islam. To me that is my main guidance. My core. My beliefs and perspectives in life. I wanted peace and harmony in life. And religion help me greatly in that and also in balancing everything in life.

I was also a Quranic teacher, a tahfiz student (memorise Quran and Hadith) and my life was good but deep down, I was empty and unhappy. Something was greatly missing.

I chose divorce and jeopardise not just my life, my partner, our family but especially our two young kids. Why? Why? Why? I asked myself so many times in those challenging days.

My world came crashing down and I left to go on a solo world travel. To seek answers and hope to learn/unlearn so that whatever was not working in my life will change for the better.

I travelled from New Zealand, Tibet to South Africa and ended up in Argentina. I covered about 20+ countries and came back.

But I took notes on where the Halal food were around the world so that Muslims can travel and enjoy a peace of mind in regards to their halal food.

I came back feeling wonderful having to learn lots from many strangers I’ve chanced upon and who embraced me as friends and family.

I decided to pay it forward for this opportunity to travel by volunteering. I also decided to immerse into more personal development programs and courses to be a better person.

From local programs of investment, trading, real estate to international programs of creating passionate business, empowering mindset, law of attraction to spiritual happiness body, heart, mind and soul.

I also volunteered in these programs as a cycle of gratitude of whatever transformational miracles I’ve received.

In between programs and volunteering, I also faced my own shadows from past regression, to childhood trauma and many unhealthy patterns I’ve adopted in my life.

These “enlightening” moments truly helped me peel as many layers I can within and faced the many skeletons I’ve kept hidden in my closets (conscious or not)

I was born in a world where boys were celebrated and girls ignored. I’ve gone through a rough childhood where my boundaries were trampled by people who were supposed to protect and keep me safe. I was blessed to be brought up amidst strong women in my family especially my mom. I have gone through dark nights of soul which squashed all paradigm I held dearly. I’ve “died” a few times just to be reborn, anew.

All my life, i was a great pretender. Doing whatever it takes to gain approval and likes.But eventually, everything falls apart. I can no longer mask everything and pretend that I’m alright. I felt like I was living a lie.

By working on myself, I had to cleanse the debris of my soul. With amazing teachers, mentors, coaches and many more strangers who held my hands and supported me cheering me to heal and succeed…

I somehow was able to face all these deep wounds and fears. I took back my power and fill the “emptiness” within with love. The more I heal myself, more parts of me that were “lost” came back and revealed a whole new me.

Unfortunately, I also decided to go in a different direction as to the religious upbringing that has molded me, well.

I wanted to heal completely and I wanted to explore as many healing methods and ways of living life happily, peacefully and lovingly the best that I can.

I also took off my scarf (headdress) and decided to go a different way than what would be expected from a Muslim woman who was also a role model for her million of readers in her social medias.

I also stopped Halal food blogging. Because by then, there were already many Halal food bloggers. My job is done.

I wanted to explore my own truth, individuality, expression and self inner and outer. I don’t want the perception of what I should become be imposed on me.

I wanted to go my own way. Whatever way that will be. I want to discover my own path. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I no longer care what the world thinks about me. In fact some of my closest ones reprimanded me of the wrath of God and hell-fire. For that, i shall leave to the Almighty for He knows the truth.

With that being said, I still cherish the Muslim way of life. And I won’t be surprise if one day, I come back being the Muslim woman, I used to be (perhaps even better).

I don’t judge anyone upon their religion, ethnicity, beliefs etc because I believe everyone has the right to live their lives the way they believe are good for them. Main thing is happiness and love. That’s what everyone wants.

Anyway, after I shared with the world about me going my “own way” …I lost almost all my fans. And of course including the many perks of food endorsements, sponsors and many more organisations, companies etc that used to work with me. I’ve lost everything and need to start from scratch.

But I regain the freedom of being me.

My family has been my unconditional love and support all this while especially my loving parents and my two wonderful sons.

Life starts over again. And I’m truly thankful.

In all the years of self exploration, I’ve gain some certifications as advanced law of attraction coach (my mentor is in the movie “The Secret”) , Ho’oponopono practitioner, trainer, master facilitator, healer and many more.

I’ve decided that, as I healed myself, I’m gonna share with whoever is open and wants to learn, how to heal themselves and be whole again.

Using the power of love, I’ve shared with many how to manifest, empower and heal.

Because there are many secrets as to how I manifest all these spontaneous travels from luxury to backpacking and crashing locals events like weddings and kitchens and even road trips…

Nothing is coincidence. When one learn to work with the Universe, everything is a blessing in synchronicity and miracles.

To date, I’ve visited 47 Countries. It’s my dream to visit all 196 countries in this lifetime.

My weakness- hopelessly romantic. I used to think I need another like minded soulmate to be with me in order to feel complete.

But I was wrong. I met many amazing conscious awakened men and they helped me heal this so called illusion – “hollow part” of me and awakened me with love love love.

As I travel this journey we called life, I share as much as I can in whatever ways I know how… be it on social medias, blog, workshops, books, seminars etc.

Everyday, I’m doing the best I can to be my authentic self.

As I peel my many masks, bring down my many walls and armour…. i shared my laughter, tears, love and delicious adventures through this blog…

In vulnerability, I’ve learnt that there is an immense power.

This blog is a part of me. I wrote it with my heart and soul. And hope that despite its seriousness and silliness, it help to shed some light and love to your own life as well.

Feel free to write me your thoughts and send them to my email: linamasrina gmail com

Thank you.
I love you,
Lina Masrina

P.s: I’ve met many people from all walks of life including famous celebrities, speakers, mayors, leaders of the world etc… I just want to whisper something to you…

Off-stage, off screen and in their own private lives, no one has the answer to your life.

They can guide you according to their own life experiments and challenges but they cannot tell you the right way to lead your life.

That, my friend is your job.

No one has the answer regardless how successful they are. They can only share their own personal experiences. The lessons learn or unlearn may or may not work well for you.

And if they, we, me or you are still living on this earth, rest assured that we too are seeking answers to our own lives.

Be it within, without wherever. We too are students and in need of answers.

Until we are six feet underground, then our “Mission” is not yet over and we have not completed that peeling of our onion skins…

So be kind and gentle to self and everyone else…

because everyone (including your lovely self) is doing their best to live life the best they possibly can… with what they already learnt and experienced.

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