Journey of a newbie podcaster #7 : Doing podcast my own way from Episodes 4 onwards

Well, I’ve received my first microphone. Samson Q2U. Bought from SRW for SG$105.

The past few recordings in the studio, made me aware what I truly need by observing the professionals at work.

They invited me to complete my 49 more episodes for the whole year. But I decline because aside from the costs involved (I’ve invested about $7K to start this podcast with SRW), for me to truly enjoy this experience of a new path is to immerse myself in it.

To willingly be lost, confused in a new path and learn ways to be better and create episodes joyously and successfully.

The podcast I did with Soul Rich Woman was a done for you program. Meaning, instead of cooking the food using the recipe googled or researched, I went to get the Chef to cook for me.

I wanted to know what is the true taste of the cuisine, so that will be my bench mark as I learn to cook for myself. To recreate the exact replica he has done for me.

And as he cooked, I observed and learn as much from the Master.

This was the first done for you programs I’ve done for myself. But not the actual Chef services. I’ve gotten many amazing Chefs cook for me wherever I travel.

(I still remembered the taste of the melt-in-your-mouth Mutton Rogan Josh stew in a hotel in New Delhi. It was cooked by their in-house chef especially for me. It was unbelievably delicious!!! My mouth still drool whenever I think about it.)

So my 4th podcast episode will be created by me. Pardon the imperfections as I learn/unlearn and grow being a better, successful podcaster.

I’m gonna trial and error until I get into the true voice from my heart. The real me.

For blogging, it took me years to truly blog from my heart.

At first as I started, it was for fun. I wanted to express myself. To rediscover myself, my gifts and how I can serve the world.

This time, similar path but different methods… and a deep realisation is that I cannot start anything if it feels like a chore.

I have to make it fun and happy for me to explore, further and commit.

And as more people read my blog, the self awareness grew. I started being conscious about what others think about me and ego started to grow as well.

So while maintaining the intentions and managing the illusions of fear, eventually I broke out of that “cage” and write freely whatever I feel like writing, from the heart. It was the happiest decision I ever made.

Regardless whether the world approve or not, or the sponsors, or the fans or even the close loved ones, the…. family… I’m going forward with what I feel is right. Of course with the believe and faith that the Universe continues having my back and support me.

Ok so that is cleared. The clarity, the destination with end in mind (what do I want to achieve by starting this podcast – do listen to my first 3 episodes and hear the vulnerabilities shared) and the boldness to manage the fears, ego popping up along the way…. in order to be happy, to commit a lifelong journey in this.

Next, the technicality….

The Samson Q2U mic is a dynamic microphone. I’m still playing around with my tools and so I won’t get into condenser microphone anytime now.

When I was in the studio, I noticed the professional Rode Mixer, Rode boom arm, Audio-Technica headphones and DSLR camera recording ourselves at work.

Since I’m starting to work by myself, and already invested $7000, I need to be economical in my next purchases. I got me the simplest tech.

The Audio Technica headphone, the cheapest ones I can find in Mustafa Centre was $78 (in a locked glass cupboard at the basement of the new building where gadgets are).

My Mac laptop and DSLR both have recently “passed on” after 9 years being active in my travels. And so I went for the Windows version, my desktop and whatever webcam I have (if I want to add podcast to my YouTube channel) .

The free software for podcast editing in Windows, I chose is audacity. I’ve started playing around with it. Seems simple enough, if you browse through the many tutorials in YouTube and websites.

The audio for both intro and outtro can be bought in audio jungle. Price range from US$5-US20, should be sufficient.

The microphone came with a mini stand and foamy ball cover so the boom arm and pop filter can wait for awhile. (and so is the scarlett solo, the amp).

Next important thing is to find the right quiet time, (probably late night or early morning when everyone is asleep) and a conducive place where the audio I recorded won’t be bouncing in all directions and whereby the street noises (for my home, thru out the day, there will be birds’ sounds and transports moving on the roads) won’t be recorded (including my boys and their loudness and activeness in Ps4 games).

Lucky me, my home is small and being a minimalist, I don’t have much furniture nor carpets but I do have many fleece blankets. And so I used these to my advantage. I even prepare my closet to record in, in case i need a day recording while my kids are at home (that’s how serious I am about learning to be a successful podcaster).

So the time and place is set up. The software is freely installed. The microphone and headphone were bought and plugged in. What else do I need? My intentions and my voice.

Though the SRW has taught me how to voice out calmly and professionally, I’ve also took the liberty to just freely listened to other podcasts from my favorite people such as Michele Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Girl Code, Dare to lead, Fearless Soul, The School of Greatness, The Joe Rogan experience, etc

Just to have an idea how to speak or talk as a podcaster. And then I play out my voice, trying out all ways sounding serious, calm, professional, boring, melancholy and even smiling from the heart voice.

What about the intentions, the goals/purpose of each podcast? What do I want to communicate and share? And what do I want the listeners to learn?

So with the 3 episodes done with SRW, I was also taught to do an outline first before starting. And for beginners, it’s best to have a transcript written before the recording. This can be done on notes in phone, or note pad or just a simple Word document, or even Google doc, so can edit on the go.

(I often get inspirations in showers or when I am out and about, on the move and so my phone notes are important to document every inspiration gathered spontaneously)

Later on, these can be simplified in just point form.

Oh yes, lastly… The podcast art cover. The logo or if you want your face to be included in the cover. Because they say, it’s the first impression that attract the listeners. And you want to make a great 1st impression, right?

If you are artistic and wants to use your own creativity energy, you can opt for canva app. Its free. They have many templates as well from ebook, to facebook to podcast covers and even company logos. I’ve been using the free images and templates for my Instagram for over a year, now.

SRW has done for me the podcast cover. But if you wanna do on your own with help from freelance designers, you can browse thru the fiverr app. For as low as US$7, you can get one within 12 – 24 hours.

Remember, before your launch, add much excitement and buzz to what you are doing by sharing snippets in your social media.

And when you launch, ensure that you have at least 3-5 episodes done. Launch it as a bundle before you share your weekly show time/s.

Oh yes, SRW is hosting my podcast and it cost about US$190 annually. So if you need hosting, there are other free options.

Maybe I will too, cause I need to familiarise myself with the podcast uploading, spreading through others such as apple, google, and seeing the charts and knowing where my listeners are from etc…and many more.

And I did a revamp in my website. From blogger (yes, I went back to blogger years back)… To wordpress selfhosted.

And I diy to make it look beautiful and professional. Because I believe the listeners wanted to know more about me..

(Before new visitors come your house, to embrace their visits, first.. one need to clean the house right? Remove the clutters and dirt etc and make the house better, cozy, and homely?

… And of course, I also need to improve on my lead generation (when people visit your homes, and after we have a great time together, we normally ask for each others’ contact like phone numbers etc. So we can hang out again…)

So in this case to capture details so whatever events, or products I’m creating, or intended to give special discounts to my favorite visitors or/and if I want to hang out again and see how my new friends are doing, or add value to the friendships, I can also create a zoom group courses or webinars etc.

So that’s about it!

Expect Miracles, everyday!



P. S: SRW taught me lots other than what I shared here with you. I also received 1 to 1 coaching with Genecia and 1 to 1 coaching with Joanne. For me personally, I believe if you truly want to do a podcast, U can do it on your own with lesser investment and commitments. But because I was in deep grief and wanted some help. That grief was equivalent to 7K to get out. And I’m used to investing in myself with coaches, mentors etc around the world. So this is normal

(I charge $550 for 30 mins. Some coaches charge $4k per hour and more, depends on their successes, networth etc and also what you wish to invest depends on your own self-worth as well.

Always ask yourself this – how much are you willing to invest to learn to let go of the wounds and pain you carried everyday? If you divide the money spent by a year, for me 7K divide by 365 days its 19 dollars a day, equal to my daily meals when I eat outside, so it’s affordable. And self investment, the ROI is often unimaginable and wildly priceless for me, its beyond what I can ever count with my fingers or calculator. )

My tip for you is whatever you choose to do and commit (even in relationships) , ensure your heart agrees and sync well with you. How to know? Ask within, thru meditation or just simply ask…. And then wait for the answer. If still cannot feel or see the answer, ask the Universe to help you. Ask – “Dear Universe or God, please show me the right way by giving me a big Clear sign so that I understood it well, by today. Thank you.”

Sometimes I can be very long-winded because I want my readers to learn as much from me.

Whatever it is, ensure that you have fun in your own journey…


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