Day 34 – Thank you caretakers of the world.

Day 34 – the art of being authentic, conscious and abundant woman series continues…. 
what I feel like saying…
Being a caretaker, or health professional, one has to take time out to care for their own needs. 
I’m truly thankful to the millions of health care personnel around the world for their love, passion, resourcefulness, hardworking-Ness, dedication, determination, strength and awesomeness… especially thru this challenging time around the world. Bless you all. 
I was a caretaker once. And I devoted my time, energy and everything that I’ve got for my mom. I soon forgot about me. And as the exhaustion grew, so was my resentment. 
I was angry at myself often. Everything I did felt not good enough. Soon, I was agitated at the slightest things. 
Then my own health deteriorate. My kids got more than they bargained for. More scoldings, more misunderstandings, more anger. 
Everyone ‘s fear towards me grew. I became a monster not just in their eyes but myself as well. Eventually I cannot even see myself in the mirror. 
Not only was I often unwell, I also grew in size (when unhappy, my body size tend to go up, even though I don’t eat much). 
I was of no help to myself nor anyone in the family. I decided to go away for awhile. 
That vacation was where I started picking up bits of my sanity. 
I cherish the solitude. I rested fully. As I rejuvenate, recharge and heal myself, my anger subside. My health came back. And I was able to see everything thru fresh eyes. 
I pamper myself in self-love. I took time out to be away and truly listen to what’s going on within. I started to breathe easily and exercise (preciously I was shallow breathing and I did not realised it). I was stressed but soon, that dissipates as well. 
I came back fresh and alive. I was able to be my joyous self again. This time, I include others to help me in taking care of my mom. And when I needed a time out, I went. 
That moment when I forgot about myself… I felt as if I was enmeshed with the problems of my surroundings and I cannot see a way out. 
As a caretaker and health professional, we need to take great care of ourselves first before we can care for others. 
So, remember, you are precious. You are needed to do great work. And so great care and pampering of love need to be spent on yourself. 
Whatever you need, listen and give to self. TLC yourself all the way. 
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