Healers need time off too.

I’ve already mentioned that all of us are healers regardless whether we knew it or not. And for those who already knew this, especially Empaths and sensitive beings, do note to take a break at all times.

Sometimes we see too much pain, worry, stress and overwhelming wounding, the first reaction is to “rescue” them.

Just a reminder, healers are not rescuers. We are not heroes and heroines. We are just guides. And we can only help those who wants to help themselves and are open to learn/unlearn to heal themselves. We are not magic pills or magicians.

I admitted that the reason I went out of my cave was to help a friend in need. But I forgot that I haven’t heal fully yet. Sometimes, as a healer, I see the past, the present and the future. Not a definite path but glimpses. I don’t share unless it’s necessary to. And as we go about this healing route, I saw others in need of healing as well.

Healers have big hearts. If possible we want to “save or rescue” everyone in our paths. We don’t even have to tell them, we just do. We just “cleanse” and heal with the power of love everywhere we go.

And lately, my eyes cannot take it. Though I’ve received hints from the Universe with debris kept blowing into my eyes, I did not take heed. I was so attached to the “cases” that I continued on in spite of the “signs and warnings given”.

Eventually my heart went AWOL and my eyes got infected. I had to stay home, in my cave for a week.

Regardless healers or not, we each have a responsibility to care for our bodies. Our temples. We have to listen to them, crying out for a break.

And so this is the lesson for me to learn. Putting ourselves first is never selfish. Imagine in airplanes, when in time of crisis, who do we put the oxygen mask on? Not our neighbours, our children, or anyone else, it’s on ourselves first.

The same applies to life. When we are truly happy, “well – fed and rested”, loved and being whole, will we be able to empower the world around us to do the same.

Heck, you don’t even have to do anything. Your energetic vibes will attract and manifest these in your surroundings.

Take care of yourself warriors and goddesses of the world.

You matter. We matter.



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