Can men handle powerful women?

I procrastinated to write about this. Thinking one day, I will share…

But when will that one day be?

Recently, someone posed me a very interesting question :Why can’t men handle powerful women? Is it because of their ego?

I’ve heard this many times. But this time, it felt personal, because it was an eye- to- eye-contact- probe questioning directed at me:) (no worries I love these kind of questions cos it made me think deeper with heart. And as women, we need to remind each other with love. So thank you! Still love you. )

First and foremost, let’s answer the first question.

Can men handle powerful women? Yes, men can handle powerful women. I’ve personally seen them. They exist.

Second question..

Why can’t men handle powerful women? Is it their ego?

I cannot take sides in this. And I cannot point or blame ego because whatever gender we may be, we each have ego.

I can only answer this bluntly (through my own experiences) by saying, sometimes women settled. We choose mediocre men. We chose boys instead of Warriors and Kings.

We got so melted by the idea of someone loving us that we forego the intuitive warning signs within. We did not choose men who are capable of handling our powerful awesomeness. We allow the illusions of falling in love blinded us (And sometimes, deep within, our core “fatherly/hero” wounds also attract us the very men, that may hurt us, repetitively. Like a pattern. We need to heal these as well, dear women).

Anyone willing to buy us gifts and recite poetry , may easily got us weaker at the knees…

And we start creating fantasies – where will our dream wedding be? How many kids do we want to have? (and we don’t even have our first date. Lol)

I’m not saying it’s all women’s fault. No. It’s neither.

I’ve seen many amazing men who can handle their partners’ (wives, girlfriends etc) successes well and vice-versa. They transcend beyond the traditional roles of men and women that society had imposed. (Its a dance. When one is masculine, being a leader, the other join the flow as the follower and vice-versa)

In fact, some of the awakened men are willing to help their wives behind the scenes, without caring whether they get any credits for it.

Some are willing to sacrifice their high flying, great paying jobs, to be the “house husbands” to help manage the family while their women partners soar up high.

But then, these were what I’ve seen, thru my eyes.

I’ve seen them, been with them, observed them and be amongst them. But many women have not seen and wondered where these “awakened conscious men” reside or even existed.

They are abundant. All good men that are available are not necessarily married or gay…

There are many gorgeous men still available. Abundant.

But I cannot continue “standing up” for either gender on this matter. I believe we all need to play our part by showing up.

That is why, I wanted to partner with my Warrior King to create a partnership in creating programs, courses, or even “an online show” in guiding to heal these so called “separation” between men and women.

I believe the higher, the men or women soar, the more, we need each other. Women empowerment and men empowerment cannot exist without each other.

And each of us have to play a part. We need to show up.

I cannot imagine if this “separation” or gap between men and women continue to widen, I began to worry about my own sons and their generations. The future of men…

I was told from the men side that sometimes they do not know how to be a man because women are so well-versed and great multi-tasker at almost everything…that they worry about their own usefulness and even the need for their existence in the world.

Can you imagined, men do not know how to be men? Interesting isn’t it? But do we women, really know how to be women?

(I’m serious, men confessed to me their vulnerabilities all the time. If you don’t believe me, check out the video below, no I’m not getting paid for this video, just to create awareness….)

What say you, Warrior King? Let’s help heal this gap of separation between men and women that continues to widen.

Let’s help guide this beautiful dance of masculine and feminine in union, by working seamlessly together…

all these are from my perspectives. There is no right or wrong. Everybody is only doing their bestest to live their lives according to what they knew and experienced.

We each see what we wanna see. And we attract according to what we truly are (my beliefs, again).

Stay awesome
Dear men and women….

I believe that as long as the desire stays within you, you will somehow be guided to the right one.

Expect miracles.


P. S: Later on, one of them whispered to me, “can I truly get all that I want in a man?” I said, “Yes!” And then she whispered again, “but there are not many” (i understood that she wanted to say none, cos she has’nt seen one but fear to disappoint me looking at her with fiery eyes of positivity). And I answered, but then again, “you are a unique women leader. There are not many of you.” And she nodded her head,” so true” , she said.

Later on, the “big lecture came out”: We attract what we are. If your warrior king is not visible that means, you are invisible. You are not showing up as your true warrior goddess, in your truth , your purpose, joy, wholeness and abundance.

I often reminded my goddesses that me not marrying is my choice. It’s not because there isn’t many available awakened men. There are abundant. I chose not to marry just yet because I’m a bird. I knew as a Muslim Women, marriage is a big commitment.

For now, I’m happy being on my own with my 2 teens. Let me be. Because I don’t believe that I need to be married to a man to be happy, whole and abundant (remember a man is not an ATM, though they can be… but being in charge of your own money is fun and powerful).

As for the abundant available awakened men….

In fact in every country, I’ve visited, I met them. Some of them have even proposed to me, Brazil, South Africa, India, USA, Europe, UK, and many more… If I could, I would have left a trail of lovers with these beautiful awakened men. But I do not want to leave a trail of broken hopes, dreams and hearts with these wonderful men. I knew I love my happy carefree wanderer life too much and not able to commit to anyone, just yet.

I hope that rest the many doubts many had. I don’t really have to answer these questions because I don’t truly care what the world thinks. But this time, I really want to.

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