Travel burnout?

For the first time in my life, I dread to be traveling again…

I dread to say my 100th goodbyes…

I dread to meet new people…

I dread to learn new things…

I’ve never…ever had this feeling before.

I’m always excited to be on a trip-plane, car, bus, feet whatever…

Any ideas that can bring me to a new place or a corner… I will jump up and embrace it with great delight.

Am I having some kind of traveling burn-out?

Or perhaps I had found what I’ve been looking for? (Was I looking for something? Aren’t all travellers?)

My heart refuse to seek any further… nor my feet wants to wander… anymore.

My body felt like I’m in Europe but my soul felt like in South America, while my mind is in Asia… Where is my heart?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful to travel lots. I’m grateful to do what i love.

But sometimes, it gets blurry. And my life becomes an-in between states.

When too much gets in the way of being. When the being refuse to adjust and be flexible to accommodate to the never-ending changes and possibilities.

Travel = change. And travel is… many changes happening at once.

Perhaps, it’s time to hang my traveling boots and “retire” them in a corner for a lil while.

Sometimes traveling feels like a dream. I just need to wake up…

Solution: Traveling can be pretty exhausting. So listen to self.

Take time out-to do nothing. Do nothing at all. Take all the time you need.

Don’t indulge into the feeling of guilt (that you paid so much to fly across continents to just stay in bed in a hotel in a foreign country doing nothing/sleeping)

Be lazy. Be extremely lazy.

And once that exhaustion has been remedied… the curious child will come out and play!

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