Empaths-How to turn your powers off

As mentioned in my previous post, everyone has this “power” of intuition and empathy which they can use to navigate their world and have a better understanding of their loved ones including strangers.

When I was young, there was a long period of time when my mom was a single parent. And she worked two to three jobs just to provide a roof over our heads.

I seldom see her cos either she came back late or she went to work earlier.

But when she needs answers, she will wake me up and asked me and I will answer her groggily.

Sometimes she asked me to pick lucky draw coupon which often made us winners and gave us all kinds of wonderful prizes.

Because my mom already knew I am an empath like her.Sensitive to our surroundings. A sharpened sense of intuition or knowing that we are born with.

Anyway, not everybody will “welcome” this empath. Even if they knew and trusted you or are from the same family.

Remember, it’s ok. Most challenges in life often happened to our closest and loved ones. Our families no matter how deranged or disconnected they seemed to be from us… it’s actually good.

These loving souls were put on earth for our highest good. We have to “navigate” with them to grow and learn/unlearn. (With that being said. Use your heart to choose the best for your highest good. Do not stay in toxic relationships. Everyone has a choice.)

And sometimes the support we need are not from them but our “soul families”-strangers we met who understand us better than our blood relations including our birth parents.

Anyway today is about energy cords.

We often create energy cord of connection between souls without us realising. Whenever we formed relationships, we create that invisible cord between people.

Birth families and those in your blood lines …have already cords within you to connect or strengthen.

As subtle as-When we think about someone we cared or as deep as-when we have sexual intercourse with strangers… we already forge an invisible cord between ourselves.

For empaths, these are automatic. For others, they may need to practise by starting to live with an open heart.


There was a period of time when my mom was not well, I would feel her (because we are very close) as if it was my own body and felt strangely ill or in pain.

When my senses took a leap, I too had prepared myself to spontaneously visit her in Europe (because she is the type who does not like to inform her loved ones for fear of troubling them).

In that period of challenging moments….

One day, she told me to “disrobe my powers” when dealing with matters concerning her.

She drew the line and told me off. It took me awhile to really understand what she meant.

And although I understood why she did it (cos she worries that I will leave everything in a heartbeat in regards to her), it was excruciatingly painful for an empath to say to another.

I stood silent for very long. I felt like my insides were all topsy turvy and I really felt lost. Totally lost cos it’s not easy for an empath to shut it off.

And it hurts so bad because she knew what I had to do to turn it off. I have to draw the line and not care. It feels like taking out my very soul.

Empaths do not have a knob whereby we can choose how much percentage of empathy we can feel. Either full on or none at all.

So it took me awhile to digest my mother’s request but eventually I mouth the word-I respect her decision and told her that I will fulfil it. (My word is my promise, so if I promise what does that mean?)

Like a cold turkey, for days, I cried and rebelled. I thought the one person in the world who will be proud of my “powers” is my mom. But her request felt like a savaging command to my soul.

But I did it.

The how… (*everyone can do it but not kids or for kids)

Before one does anything, make sure you ask God (or any higher power you believe in) to protect you . And ground yourself first…

You can cut the “cords” yourself but I rather ask…

Intention: Ask God (the higher power, The Creator or whoever you believe) to help you.

Close your eyes.


Meditate by silencing the thoughts in your heads or just be observant to them and let them pass though with love.

Ask God to show you the “cords” between the people you need to cut off from.

In your minds’ eyes, you will see or sense a tube connecting yourself to that person.

You can imagine you have a sword or knife to cut them off yourself but I rather ask…

Dear God,
Please help me remove these cords between me and ….. cut them off from us fully. Let this be for our highest good.

Feel the cords being removed.

You will feel “lighter” and “spacious”…

Say Thank you.

And say… he/ she is free. And I am free. All is well between us.

Be in that silence for awhile.

Be with whatever emotions that arises.

When you are done.

Just go on with your daily stuff.

The other side… may contact you because they feel the connection being cut too (even though they may not understand/believe).

Ignore that connection for few days.

If it’s an ex-lover, spouse or whoever that you were having trouble breaking up with, it’s best not to connect for as long as possible. Make a clean break.

And another thing…

I felt like I was in a marshmallow after that. Like a wall between me and my mom. It’s something I put up so I cannot feel (but I do feel the subtlety only thing is that I don’t engage.

Like watching tv, the visions or feelings will popped up after awhile (the wall tend to disintegrate for me) but like the tv channels, you can choose to change the channel instead of watching that particular channel.)

I guess you can create your own wall too. Imagine an impenetrable wall made up what you think is strong enough to make a barrier between.

For me, all barriers are not as strong as Love. So rather than use my energy to keep building walls, I chose to send them love.

And in my “work”, I cannot shut it off permanently. It’s just a temporary solution.

For empaths to create barriers between their loved ones, it’s much painful than feeling the pain around them. Because they have to be “detached”.

I hope my experience helps you in your journey.

Note: Dear Empaths, you don’t have to save the world. So don’t try. Use your “powers” to whoever matters and who ask for it. Allow people in your life to choose their own path. It’s their rights. Don’t take that away from them by being overly concerned and poke your nose where they don’t need you to. Your gifts are amazing and valuable. Don’t waste them.

* kids will have these main energy cords connected with their birth mothers. Its essential that they are intact. The cords will not be as strong when the kids are ready to navigate their world when they are adults. Sort of like the main cords will “detached” themselves when they are ready. So do not remove them for kids or as kids.

P.s: Lately I’ve been feeling all sorts. My words came out funny and blogging does not seem as “the flow” as it used to be.

So pardon my awkwardness, weirdness and all mistakes in my words or whatever… you know it don’t matter to me. All these silly mistakes are part of my growing up…

What matters is the messages within.

Remember: If it does not make sense, always read me with your heart. Thank you.

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