New Year-Tree, bird or perhaps… bear man.

Experiencing the winter

I do my best to avoid winter when traveling unless it’s snowing. (It’s much more fun with snow. Fun somehow charges me with much enthusiasm to ignore the chilling cold that makes my body groan with rustiness)

In winter, I felt a strange sluggishness, dragging my feet to do my daily sunshiney chores.

My youthful energy seems to be drained almost every 5 minutes. And my 40year old joints kinda crank and cringe at the early waking hours. I felt like a tin-man in need of oiling (like indian oil bath and massage)…

Sometimes, cramps wake me up, and sometimes night is restless with the many pee-ing and drinking.

Like a bear, I felt a massive weight on me as I pile loads of food on myself with the excuses that the cold made me hungry all the time.

And before I know it, I stood before the mirror and gasp with eyes as large as tea cup saucers, bulging with mouth open wide with amazement at my work of art-putting on 10kg within 10 days.

Not including the many layers of “Johnny” (I called for my thermal inner wear) and the thick winter coats, socks, hats and all mixed-up trendy colourful fashion which I no longer concerned myself with cos the cold can be brutal sometimes.

And the wind can be unforgiving (I really felt like the plastic bag that drift in the powerful wind in the sunshiney autumn of Toronto last year. And I was not the only one. It felt like a mob of people were “blown” too that a sudden need for “ship anchor” felt urgent)

With about 5 kg of wintry clothes piling on me and a whopping 10kg of food within me, walking a straight line is quite challenging. If there’s nothing interesting that I’ve never seen before, I rather cave in a warm home than travel and feast my eyes. I rather stay indoors and eat my way canoodling to the warmth of my tummy.

Anyway, back to my self reflection in the mirror…

I will freeze for a moment gasping at the “ballooning figure I’ve created for myself) and then deciding what instant diet can work in emergency like this.

And then realising-Hey! I’m on vacation! And forgotten the massive weight I’ve just gained and start tasting the myriad flavourful wintry food and its local produce.

I’m not as “tough” as I used to be… A warrior who crumbles at the very slight feel of cold…

But what can a foodie like me do? For me, adventures always begins with the tongue… and accepting my recent heart-healing gifts and sharing and facilitating to those in need…. I need to get my sunshiney rays of love within me to be switched on…

I nearly wanted to attempt visiting a friend who lived far far north… whose daylight seems to occur 24hours for 3 months and darkness reign supreme in the other 3 months.

I find both extremes quite fascinating and attractive until my dad told me that I’m a joyous bird who loves the sun. And that I will fly home to Asia the moment I stepped into that frozen cold.

Well, my loved ones knew me well.

Although I’ve visited many countries in many continents in many seasons… my Asian skin is very thin that a slight Canadian’s autumn’s can prick me into a blue cold “I wanna go home” look…

Oh well…

Have an amazing year!

May it’s fresh scented Every day titillate your every senses with much deliciousness of love, beauty, abundance, joy, peace and whatever you desire.

Remember anything is possible. Miracles happen daily.

Stay awesome.
And stay curious…


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