My love story with the tree man continues…

My “tree man” story …

I used to think that I need a man that is grounded and conscious like the tree… hence the “tree-man”…

But when I shared with my loved ones…

a soul friend wrote me this…

“You can take shelter
under my branches…
From the rain and sun.

And make yourself
a comfy bed of
my dead leaves to sleep
peacefully by my side.

When lonely you would hug and rest your head on my trunk,
letting the breeze sooth you and the branches gently dry your tears

… enjoy the concert of the
praising birds who , like you
enjoy my protection.

While hungry or thirsty
please eat up my juicy fruits, the more you use them the more I will produce for you.

And in winter I will warm you up til the core of your being with my dead branches.

…but please don’t ask me to be like those creatures who can follow you anywhere…

If my branches are strong it’s cause my roots are deep. 😘..”

(He’s poetic by nature, a heart loving soul who speaks from within-I’m the one “choreographing” the sentences with breaks… for my own reading pleasure 😍🤣)

My answer was:
A bird will never ask another to be one.

For the bird honours nature and seek pleasure to rest, recharge and play with or in the grounded trees it found during its travels..

Now the questions that struck me was…

Will the bird willing to live in 1 tree for awhile… probably it’s lifetime?

Or will the bird find another bird and build a nest on the tree or …
roam the world together?

Sometimes soul friends…
they understand you
And poke you further to
Shine some light into stuff
One did not foresee..

Because when one ask, Universe delivers.

Do I want a tree man or a bird?


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