What romantic relationship means to me…

Often when traveled, I met beautiful single men.

Some are awakened, some were not. Some are spiritual and open, some were not.

And sometimes there were soul connections that seems to light up the bulb within us as if to say:
Hey, you, have we met before?

And sometimes the energy grew intense that I wonder:
Who is this? Who is he to me?

Traveling opens us up in more ways than one understood or be aware of.

And before I make my next series of moves or say yes to his next series of moves…

I reminded myself about my “truth” on relationships.

This is a long lecture on love, romantic relationships, holy relationships and more…

Gives insights on our patterns in romantic love.

Take what you need. It enlightens more than you think. She will share a lot on the course in miracles. (Don’t take it as a religious thingy or whatever)

Just be open and listen with your heart.

This is just to expand our ideas on love, sex (yes!) and relationships…

For enlightened lovers who constantly seek solutions to improve themselves, their lives (and partners)…

Single or not, this is powerful for it will shed some light to the current relationship you have.

My story….
I’ve gone a long way from love addiction (and not being aware) to being in co-dependent relationships, and then doing my best to be the fixer upper, and many more.

I’ve learnt a long way to become my own independent love self.

To be home, comfy and love in my own skin.

And doing my best to understand and practice the true meaning of enlightened, enchanting partnerships between two loving souls.

P.s: and if you made it through the end, there is a powerful meditation in manifesting your divine relationship and made clear what your current partner/relationship is all about.

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