Secrets to attract soulmates and twin flames (Secret No.1)

If you want to be united with your mate be it soulmate or twin flame….

One of the secret to fast track that journey is to be authentic.

What is the meaning of authenticity?
Being as honest as possible to yourself. No need to feel or act like someone else (often we feel like a fraud if we are not authentic). No need to wear protective gear like masks and what you perceived the world wants you to be.

No need to make others happy. Just be happy.

Do what makes you happy now not what you think can make you happy in the future.

We often think that if we do this and that so later we can be happy and loved, that is so wrong. There is no future. What is the truth is now.

Stand still. Breathe. Notice the people you attract. Are they a reflection of who you are now? Most of the time they are.

If you keep being authentic, you may lose the current people that support and love you. It’s ok. The ones who truly love you will stay. And better ones are coming as you keep on working on yourself.

Remember the world is not outside of you but within.

And the quality of mates we want to attract are the ones equivalent to the quality of you.

So what are you waiting for?
Be authentic now.

How do you know that you are being authentic? Feel it in your heart. Your heart knew. Your soul knew. One feels like an innocent happy joyous child if one is true to its nature.

Be authentic.
Be truthful to yourself.

Its not easy.

Sometimes as we grew up, we were groomed to be someone else.

And by being honest and authentic, one peels the layers of self like an onion. Eventually you will reach the core.

It’s ok to take…
One step at a time.

Be with people who cherish the real you.

My company is Infinite love global and our Mission is to unite soulmates and twin flames around the world by empowering them to be the beacons of love that they truly are, by being the one to attract the one.

I coach individual/group and conduct workshops (online and physical) and retreats that encourages authenticity (including radical honesty) in and around the world.

Do contact me for more information: linamasrina gmail

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