10 years of blogging lead to a new book being born

The purpose of this book is actually a deep seated intention inspired by my adventures of life: To have fun in this journey of life no matter how long/short it may seem.

Like many others, I’ve gone through trials, tribulations including life & death moments and many more that I cannot describe in words let alone label it.

At first this book was just an intentional witness to my life travels around the world and hopefully it inspires others to do the same.

But then too much fun, travels, life happens… and I forgot to continue it.

It was hanging, incomplete.

And then kids grew so fast and I thought of writing this book to inspire them to kick start their travel journey but then again as a single Mom with two adorable sons, it was more challenging to include penning my thoughts as a daily to do list.

Years passed by, blogging seems to fade alongside its fans. I became just a faceless name amongst the abundant world.

Many await my book but it still refused to complete because the writer need some kind of “trophy achievements” as a reason to validate its birth.

Lastly, I guess the Universe did its own form of intervention.

Life eventually swallowed me whole. I used to be strong in navigating the currents of life but this time, I drowned.

The environment seems too brutal and overpowering.

This stand alone Mom just cannot seem to wrestle that. She lets go of her oars and fell into the turbulence of life and death and a quicksand of depression.

She was spared from death but life became different in her eyes.

To gather any means to start living again, she started writing again from her heart.

This book is the result of me wanting to live for me. I used to wander about life living for others.

Now, this book showcase my best and my worst- doing my best to make sense of my life. And every single mistake made was definitely a worthy part of the journey.

From this book, i hope that you learnt/unlearnt my lessons of love and life. Because I definitely did.

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