Soulmate found. (Part 2)

Twin Flame? Found.

Now this is a bit tricky because I only knew about twin flames, 2 years back.

And ever since, I found out that there are various types of mates in our lives:

1)Karma Mates
2)Soul Mates
3)Life Companion Mates
4)Twin Flames/Twin Souls

Bear with me because these are just my “little understandings” on them. You can Google more and learn from other “experts“.

All of the above are soulmates.

They are attracted to us and us to them because we each have lessons to learn/unlearn from each other. Often they/us will leave each others’ lives once the lessons are learnt/unlearned.

I have met many in this lifetime but not as many as I met all of them in this very year.

All I know is that I have to open all doors of possibilities and trust the Universe.

Karma Mates are beings who will push our buttons to enlighten the darkest parts of ourselves that we fear to face.

To me they are annoying challenges that are difficult to troubleshoot and solved because they are actually showcasing a part of ourselves that have been hidden, numbed, buried, outcast, rejected etc

For me personally, I was attracted to him in a weird way even though it felt he was “not good” for me.

There was some kind of electricity, a charged magnetism that occured between me and him. I felt like I knew him from somewhere but we never even met, before.

I knew from the very beginning he was “trouble” but I was also “challenged” to find out more.

I have this huge curiosity within me that needs to be fed. And so, I ignored the warning signs and got closer to him.

It was crazy. It felt like a drug. I got hurt, loved, hurt, loved, hurt, hurt, hurt but I’m still hanging on. I have no idea why. All I know is that I have to be with him till a certain period of time. It was so challenging.

He was a new friend and yet we were close like soul buddies with attractions that was almost sensual.

And erm…
Yes, I did “see” the unspoken “truths” of his life. Perhaps that’s why he was close to me. He felt he was a “bad boy” and was not able to let anyone in or be close to him.

But because I have this “knowing”, and he knew he cannot hide anything from me and so he let go of the masks, automatically.

So with all the masks gone, of course I was scared. I saw some stuffs I’m not supposed to see.

I ran away so many times. But I also kept coming back. I didn’t know why but I know I had to.

My biggest challenge was to LOVE him unconditionally.

My biggest LESSON to face was:
My judgements. I thought I did not judge people. I thought I had loved all who came to me but I was the biggest judgemental person around.

I don’t voice it out because I eliminate them-the “non positive thoughts” the moment they popped in my head.

But I avoided them. Them-the people, physically.

I cut them off the moment we were “introduced” thinking they were toxins. Toxic for me.

Not knowing that they are gifts for me and me for them.

2)Soul mates meanwhile may or may not felt familiar but for me, we definitely communicate invisibly. It felt comfy for no reason why. I met them for a moment and it felt like I can lean and rest my weary heart with them. And sometimes, during events, I gave people blank looks but deep down, there is always meanings, and soul mates often replied to the deeper meaning without asking me-what look was that? They just replied as if I just communicated with them with such clarity in verbal words.

I love working with my soul mates. We may or may not judge each other but we know that, we always got each other’s back. At the end of it all, there’s always love like family. No matter how much you fight, you will always go back. If blood is thicker than water than this is much thicker than that.

Soul mates can mirror you and tell you what is wrong. But they do it pleasantly. They understood that you are doing your bestest. They can be from your current earth family, teachers,peers,colleagues or even the mailman. They don’t have to be romantically linked to you.

3) Life companions, Is less dramatic than any of the three. These wonderful souls will support you no matter what. But they might not grow with you. They are like the cheerleaders. They might not be so advanced souls and twiddle spirituality like you do but they are your no.1 fan.

I believe the father of my kids is my life companion. He is a good supporter. Always there when I needed him.

Lastly twin flame. He is said to be made from the same soul as you. The soul got so big that it had to be split into two wholes. It was said that there is only one twin flame for you.

In Islam, I learnt that God created everything in pairs-animals, plants, even man.

But in spirituality, I learnt further that…
Twinflames already chose their major challenges -big differences in age, culture, beliefs, distance and many more before they were reincarnated into their current bodies.

They go through many lifetimes to learn and evolve. And many forgot their true selves including their missions. Twin flames have a bigger purpose than themselves. Their Mission will turn inside out outside in on whatever the status quo may be. Their job is to challenge that so that mankind can see there is no limitations to love.

***important: when you meet your twin flame, there is no guarantee that you might unite with him in this lifetime. They will only unite in the last lifetime. And to achieve that both must go through dark night of soul and many purging of ego and limitations of beliefs.

For me, I don’t really believe in reincarnations and lifetimes. I chanced upon twin flames in one of my spiritual studies and research. I didn’t give it much thought because it clashes with many of my beliefs especially religion.

But when I actually met him, it was not like-“oh, it’s you” at first sight. It was many sights later.

And when he sat beside me, I felt so at home, and all chakras opening up, an ecstasy I never knew existed. That belief was empowered. Twin flames might actually exist.

It was said that soul mates and soul families will gather to help the twin flames in their missions because not only do they have challenges with their missions, they also have challenges with themselves and each other.

They need as much support they can get in their community. Thus the dance of runner and chaser. But, all twin flames blueprints are different. So stories of union can differ greatly as well.

So be careful what you wished for in a life partner. And whoever you chose, commit to it.

Yes, twin flames are the best but it’s challenges are beyond anyone can ever imagined and after all that, there was no promise of union soon ( but definitely it will happen 7 days, 7 months,7 years or 7 lifetimes?).

For me, I ask for divine life partner. I ask the Creator (God, universe whatever term you used) to choose for me.

Sending you lots of love 😍

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