Single Parents-Soulmate Love Quest

Calling out to all single parents of the world…

What are your challenges to LOVE?

What are your fears, barriers and blocks to LOVE?

What happens when you open your heart and soul to…

-fall in love again
-start a new love relationship
-get married again
-to find your soulmate
-share your life again with someone new

I’m exploring my world of LOVE alongside the good, the bad and the awesomeness of it all…

And traveling the world wherever whenever I felt the need to, in this 1 year soulmate love quest…

I admit, I do have fears…

When one ask, one will definitely get the answers.

And there is no doubt, I have met many beautiful wonderful strangers who ended up being my “LOVE enlighteners”….

Supporting me, motivating me with their own experiences and love “gems”…

But at the end of it, I still have to make my own choices and actions…

No one has all the answers.

Everyone has their own colourful perspectives.

And when I do say goodbye and move on, I am nervous to move forward to unknown territories and countries…

Not knowing whether I will meet “the One” or uncover my deepest darkest fears…

All I know is that I need to keep opening the doors as and when I chanced upon them in all crazy and funny “coincidences” and weird serendipity moments…

Feeling happy, curious and having a ball and sometimes, feeling crappy, tired and felt like giving up.

What am I doing? Who am I looking for? Why am I here, when I can be in the comfort of my own home relaxing enjoying family time?

Why do I need to do this-traveling spontaneously, adapting to whatever situations the Universe give me?

Why am I subjecting myself to endless “out-of-my-comfort-zone”?

Why, why, why?

Truthfully. I have no idea.

All I know is that, I’m just following my heart. And using my intuition as my gps. And whatever I need, I let the Universe handles it for me.

And at the same time battling with my own insecurities, my own subconscious conditioning, past childhood memories, meeting some “karma mates”, solving unresolved relationship issues, learning to love unconditionally to those who stepped on my feet purposely or not and many more…

Come share with me your personal flavourful experiences…

We are all teachers and students of love.

That is what life is all about.

Life is LOVE.

There is nothing to be ashamed of.

We deserve what we want, need, and desire.

All stories will be kept confidential unless you want them to be shared with the world. Do state your preference.

Everyone deserves a second chance in love.

What is your story?

Email them to yours truly:

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