Singapore-Free Healing sessions in September

Free healing sessions-one to one in Singapore for a month 1/9/16-30/9/16 with me.

I’ve grown up learning different types of healing and spiritual modalities unexpectedly.

Healings through Islamic and Quranic way,  ho’oponopono, EFT,  and many more… I used and kept them for myself and for my immediate family.

And when I really really need, I do use it for my law of attraction coaching and workshop clients.
This year, my focus is on my #soulmatelove journey.

I embarked with the soulmate love intention from enlightened warriors camps in Spain to my spontaneous crashings of homes in Europe to Asia-Malaysia, Thailand and lastly Bali…I’ve learnt and unlearnt but it was just a tip of the iceberg.

I was in awe of the knowledge and wisdom shared. Not forgetting the many a-ha received.
Thru out my journey, I chanced upon amazing spiritual leaders and masters in their own niche and passion.

And each and everyone of them is already serving the world with their own unique abilities… Without caring about fear, ego or anyone’s thoughts on their unique mystic spiritual abilities and talents…

They only focus on the highest good of the world.

And one of the healing modality I’ve learnt…

…When I was in Bali is the ATS…

ATS means Aji Tapak Sesontengan
Aji means knowledge
Tapak means palmprints
Sesontengan means purity of words
This art of healing is similar to EFT (emotional freedom technique) in which it involves tapping. But the words and energy used is different.
And I personally have experienced it. I had some numbness in my left leg because I sat too long. And secondly a headache that popped up.
The numbness disappeared ASAP alongside the headache.
I got so excited by the new travel and food discoveries that I forgot to give self-love and got exhausted due to lack of sleep and lack of water.
And yes, the headache disappeared immediately and I was stumped. After it disappeared, I was searching for it like a hiccup that got cured. But it never came back.
So so I decided to learn. And as I traveled and learnt, I applied to strangers I met and it worked wonders!

Being with this happy spiritual healers group, it felt so comfy like being in a family.

No judgement, no negativity, just Universal love amongst human.

I felt so at ease and at peace. Of course, I’m always having weird and bizarre questions and someone will often entertain me with more truth and wisdom that I felt more and more intrigued about life.
Laughters and good unexpected food are always present 🙂

The moment, I was “initiated”…

I used it immediately and had successfully “solved and healed” random strangers who “somehow” came into my path.

The healings happened right before my very eyes. It was awe-amazing!
I had helped some healed physically like back ache, migraine, tiredness etc and some were physical pain but were caused by emotional challenges (including relationship and life trauma) thus that was also successfully solved.

And we had this free healings in a park for the public. Anyone of any race or religion, gender or age came… and my “seniors” showed me miraculous healings such as a man in crutches was slowly struggling to come to us but after the ATS healing, he walked so fast, I cannot even catch a glimpse of his shadow…

And many more miracles happened that day.

ATS not only reawaken those sleeping “birthright gifts” but also unleashed other innate gifts that I suppressed and sync them well with me. I never felt happier, lighter and healthier…

And I was also “promoted” to a “Kamituo” level (Master Level who can also initiate other practitioners anywhere in the world) and honoured as the only one outside Indonesia in Asia region.
Do note: I’m just an instrument for this healing modality. And everyone can and deserve to be awaken as well. It’s simple. It’s in you.

It’s an Honour really.

For now, the numbers of Asian and Non-Asian practitioners have already grown massively within short period of time in the Asian and European continents…

In this world of fast pace and technology, I’ve learnt from various Teachers of the world that dis-eases are created by ourselves. And we too have the “gifts” to cure ourselves.

And …
I will be in Singapore for at least a month…
and within these dates:1/9/16-30/9/16

whoever has an open mind and heart and wishes to experience such healing (physical, emotional pain and challenges etc) feel free to connect with me thru email.

I won’t do distance healing which I learnt in other modalities, for now.

Requests of healings can only be done by face to face consultations in Singapore.
And it’s subject to dates availability. (First come first serve basis)

All healings are free.
I love you,

Note: This healing modality/methodology has no conflict with any race or religion. It’s Universal Love.
If you want to be a healer of this modality, I can also initiate that because as mentioned above-I was escalated to be “Kamituo” (Master Practitioner/Chieftain) by the *re-founder. Only Kamituo can “initiate” others. And everyone has it. They just need to be “initiated” (reawaken).
*The founder do not want to take credit for this ATS fully because he believes the knowledge belongs to the Universe and so we called him: re-founder
This healing ability is our birthright. It just need to be reawaken. Just imagine a world of people who can cure themselves. Happy, healthy world.
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