Healer journey begins…

Warning: This post is a bit woo-woo.
so be warned… 😉
I have a “Birthright ability” that I suppressed…

Sometimes I “see” things -past, present and future. It started when I was very young.

All came true to the point that I saw some unhappy events too. And I got frightened and I don’t want to “see” anymore.

And there were also instances when I told my young friends and they got scared on how true they were that they thought I’m some kind of “weirdo magician” and grew scared of me and left me.

I suppressed that gift to be “normal” and use all kinds of ways to block and hide it but it will popped up with other senses. 

Looking back, I believed my mom knew my gifts because sometimes she asked me questions of the future and results.
Back then, it did not make sense of the questions she asked. Now, everything seems clear.

When I was doing “food critic” role, I felt the Chef/Cook/ or the people who were involved in the food preparations-current state of emotions, problems/challenges currently facing and sometimes their personal lives were shown to me like some kind of TV.

Of course I was scared.

One of my Chef Friend kept “testing” me whenever he cooked me food. And so far, the answers are right. 

I acknowledge that I’m sensitive. But I didn’t know these sensitivity can help others.

I travel this year to seek answers-to heal this part of me that is blocking soulmate love and relationship. I did the healings but I’m hungry for more.

I thought the more I haven’t seen him (my soulmate/twin flame) manifested in reality, the more I have to go and find more Teachers to heal me and my barriers to love.

But actually I found out that I need to start being a healer.

How did I know that? Thru out my journey in Bali-that is the big Aha moment. And then it ripples back to what I’ve learnt this year.

The purification (in 3 countries this year) that happened to me was not accidental nor coincidental. I did not planned nor do I know the people I visited are spiritual masters.

And it was to “open” the gifts and clear all blocks, barriers etc. in using them to serve others.
All the knowledge accumulated need to be shared and help others in the world. That’s my soul purpose-To share what I’ve learnt.

That’s the the conflict I have with my soul through out my life. 

Strangers came up to me thru out my travels with questions that truly bamboozled me and I will politely tell them that I don’t know the answer whereas, I do…I have some visions that popped up almost immediately as they asked.

Sometimes when I accidentally rubbed shoulders with strangers in crowded places, I “see” stuff in his/her life.
And I will delete them almost immediately because I felt like it’s none of my business.

So in Bali, there were people who asked me questions about solutions to their challenges and future stuff. 

Because I was aware of this gift and reawaken…. and embrace it fully as a part of me lovingly, I did answer them even though I still have my fears. 

(Wanna know a SECRET? Come closer….

The truth is everyone has this “psychic” ability. You have it too. Don’t believe me, go and find out yourself. Ever have a sixth sense or intuition? That is the signs… )

And as I answer more and more people, I felt better, fears lessen, visions are more clearer, I felt my “third eye” happy, and even people of high social standings especially in the Spiritual World (meaning spiritual masters) came to ask me, I did my best to answer them.
The key is to be detach and let them be free to do whatever they want with the “answers” they requested.

Whatever anyone may tell you about your future, you still have the power and free will to change it.
Nothing is confirmed. The visions requested is at that moment in time. Everything can change. Anything is possible.

To me, if ever anyone (not necessarily fortune teller) tells you stuff like- You look unwell. Are you ok?

Its up to you to accept that truth as your truth or deny it.
Because …

Everyday, everything can be “auto-suggested”… We ourselves, pick and choose what we want in our lives. We are co-creators. FYI.
This is my understanding, my perspectives, my beliefs.

It’s more than woo-woo. I understand.
In the blog, I started as a food blogger in Muslim community and then I got divorced, I travel in seek of answers and then I changed and took off my scarf. And now, suddenly I’m a spiritual healer?
I’m just a media, an instrument of healing. And the methodology used is Universal Love. No conflict with any religions.

I’m still a Muslim as my basic foundation. I’m more focus on being spiritual because I’m opening my heart, my mind and soul to learn about being more happy to life and solutions to my own life challenges. I don’t expect anyone to get this. It’s ok. 

The people who really matters are the ones who love me unconditionally in spite of drastic changes I’m going through or experimenting on. 

I was told many times that I’m an indigo child few years back. I went to find out what Indigo Child term means. And when it does not go well with my strong Islamic religious background and knowledge, I “deleted” it.

This year, I went to Warrior Camps and I met many spiritual soulmates there who confirmed that Indigo Child in me again. I embraced. I felt happier. Like a part of me lost, found and rejoin.

What does being an indigo child means for me? It just validate my “empath sensitivity and ways” and how I differ much from others.

I also was told in many occasions that I will be a healer. Again, I don’t believe because I don’t like complicated stuff.

Being a healer is complicated in my mind’s eye. There are millions of “dis-eases” and we, humans create them. For me, it’s too much.

Healer can have meanings. Can be different for different people.

Everyone is a healer. Because we seek solutions to our own challenges. So with that, I am appeased.

But nevertheless, I started learning healing modalities since 1999. From Quranic to Louise Hay, EFT, Hawaian ho’oponopono, Theta Healing,  and many more.

Mostly I learnt for myself and family. 
Sometimes, ONLY when necessary, I will perform only when requested by my Law of Attraction clients.
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