Enlightened Warrior Training Camps 2016 in Girona, Spain…

This was my first time in the warrior camps in Spain as crew. My first participation of warrior camp was in Malaysia 2014. It took my life and spun it all around, removing lots of clutter, illusions and many beliefs that were not serving me for my highest good. I puked inside and outside, wondering where I had been, asleep all this time.

In Malaysia Camp 2014, the trainer was one of my favorite… Robert Riopel. I had been working with him as a crew through Millionaire Mind and other programs for 2 years plus.

But for this Warrior Camp, I heard that I’m in for a real treat because Marjean Holden will be leading us. She is the first female trainer for warrior camps and I heard that she is truly amazing.

So with a whole new environment and a totally new trainer (for me), I had set my intentions to be the best that I can be in supporting whatever or whoever in making the program be a success. Because as a participant, I was totally bowled over by its magical miracles and major transformation surprises that occurred for me….and it still continues to trickle its magic in my life through out the next few years….

As the camps begun, time passed so fast that soon, it’s time to say goodbye…

I had no doubt that as participants, we reaped the rewards and faced our transformations almost immediately but as crews, our transformations were even deeper and bigger. I was tested in more ways than one. We had to get up earlier than the participants, and sleep later than them. And yet have to carry whatever responsibilities given with much sacredness, honor, integrity and be the enlightened warriors that we are and having fun in every step.

And as crews, we see not just our own perspectives but in all directions.

Having compassion not just for ourselves, our team mates but also the participants and the hotel staff….everyone and everything.

Overall, I won’t be able to do it without everyone’s awesomeness…

I’ve cried, laughed, tumbled, slipped, fell, danced, ran, crawled and many more that I cannot put words to describe them….

The karma crews are called WARRIOR ANGELS.

Truly an honor to be a part of them. We are all from many nationalities, race, religions etc but we stood together as one big family…

Today is the day where we go our separate ways… These mind blowing experiences will stay forever engraved in my heart.

Love my rotations-
Peaks (Adam and Lea as our electrifying leaders, Hanna and Sascha- a couple who is so beautifully in love and compatible in so many ways, Muriel and Klementyna- “spider women” of peaks, And Jess-the cool doctor…I did it with you guys. Thank you so much!! It was so much different than peaks in Malaysia And special Thanks to the tribe:Fearless Eagles who “took me in” and love me as I am esp with the mud on my butt-including Mervin “sexy pants” from Holland)

Home Team (Langford, Astrid, Harriet, Magdalena, etc-1st time I used a metal cutter/shaper with sparks flying around and it’s fun!)

Water Team-Marc and Mark (Marky Mark and I’m the funky bunch… love the scenic drive and serving fruits and water. One of the most important team!)

Predicament (totally bond with the guys and beginning to understand their sense of humour as well esp Aaron … I love the part where he taught us -about honouring women), Michael Liew (my warm coffee) , Bala (delicious Friend), Shane (always ready to give beautiful massages), Hanuman (Tantric teacher), Jeff and Sexy Yolanda (beautiful couple I love) and AC (you actually “save” me with your head to toe gear for puri…from the drastic changes of the weather mainly the cold and rain)

And lastly my beautiful week of Purification (my spiritual family-I’m totally at loss for words….for what happened to me body, heart, mind and soul)

John (amazing artist who is an amazing leader dislikes tofu and love jokes) Douglas (teddy bear who travels and dances well), Denise (thanks for the beautiful Labrador stone for my path, u read my mind and heart beautifully), Marje and Magdalena (our giggling and tears together), Shannon (wonderful heart & soul connection), Martin (beautiful Mission for children), Mervin (constantly thinking of serving others and inventing stuff)..

Definitely an Honour to be the drummer and be in… Everyday. Get the chance to play alongside Hawk who is like a Father figure to me and beautiful Roberta who Taught me lots and am patient with me and amazingly miracles are still happening…)

Of course holding the drum as I watched Robert the genius Musician drumming spontaneously and phenomenally igniting back my love for music and fun… That was pretty cool, dude.

Jennifer steed who guides me “home to myself”…Truly grateful🙏🏻.

Of course not forgetting my crazy roomies…Christiane Exner, Harriet (thanks for the endless Kangen water in our room), Magdalena Abramczykand Marje Teeriaho beautiful strong sexy women…

And my first and second camp warrior Angels-my soul buddy Dirk, soul Friend Marc..Langford (the coolest guy in home team),Muriel (sexy hot mama-thanks for inspiring me with ur life story ), Klementyna (my beautiful active muse), “mountain woman “Magdalena and Vojo (sweet loving couple), Dr.Jess for her honesty, Shanti for her motherly earth vibes, Barrie (for Organising us and put up with our good, bad and awesomeness), Marina for communicating well with me and help me solve my queries with love and attention, Alan (for his genius creations of Asian dishes when I miss home, June and her beautiful family (and many more others who left love and such beautiful warmth and bond in my heart…), and also those I did not get the chance to know personally like Thomasz, Markus Kessler, Sabine (German beautiful woman who hugs me like family and smiles that lit my heart), Gary (sexy macho voice)… Joscelin(sexy goddess who is so comfy with her self), beautiful Monica, sexy Brazilian Leo and more…

And our lead trainer-beautiful sexy Goddess and Warrior leader -all in one… I am constantly amazed how she did this for years… Marjean Holden. You are my role model and inspiration in this two camps. And with amazing male assistant Trainers Stefan and Thaddeus, you guys truly keep the synergy in balance. 


Love love love y’all…

Thank you from my heart, truly…

Each and everyone of you has helped me in more ways than one…

God bless.

I know there is a reason to everything that happens. I am truly blessed to be here.

And I’m gonna miss “crashing spontaneously” into people’s hotel rooms (Vilar Rural)… too

Btw, thank you for all the invitations to your beautiful homes and countries in Europe. I will do my best to accept your invitations…

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