1 year leave of absence-to go with the flow…

I thought this excessive involvement with the social media is restricting my truth from showing up in my life that I decided to forego it for a year and truly focus on what really matters to me.

I have been keeping busy building myself up from within and embracing this new “privacy” as a way of life. 

I lead a normal life without having the itch to constantly update my whereabouts. I felt renewed.

It all begin when… I was frustrated that my soulmate love journey was going somewhere but nowhere. 

I got totally maniacal when one by one of my friends lost interest in that topic just because to them, it no longer exist. It no longer serves them to entertain me in my lifetime quest and “folly” investment. 

To them, it’s just a fantasy that I created to disillusion my mind. I love them anyway. Because what we believe in is what we know. And we don’t know what we don’t know. (I love how they push my buttons with their honesty)

And I lost myself in work in hope that it bury that burning desire to find him again. I know I’m not supposed to find him. All I’ve got to do is to shine my true self from within and he will find me. 

Easier said than done.

And after the Indian trip last year, the truth hit me hard.

I’m not committed to what really matters. Fully 100% and beyond. Truly be in the process… I wasn’t. I was here but not here. I was there but not there.

And I decided that I should stop whatever I’m doing and go back to it-put everything in. Risk everything-my heart, my mind, my soul, my body, my desires…

I used to be ashamed to share my soulmate love quest. Because it felt like I’m lost and alone in this world and everyone was laughing at me.

But I no longer felt that way. I Honour my truth and that is what I’m doing.

I’m not asking your permission but I’m asking you to send me your love and blessings as I allow my freedom aid me in this soulmate love journey. I’m doing whatever it takes to complete this Mission successfully. 

Thank you for understanding my leave of absence.

Your support has always been my strong foundation in this blogging world. Thank you from my heart. I love you. 


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