Fitness Review: My first attempt training with weights and coach.

Country: Singapore


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Hilda Zin is a BFF whose path coincide with mine 2 years back in 1 amazing self-development program with ECI. Ever since (like me) she has been working on herself beautifully both internally and especially physically (me more on internally).

She has been using her time to polish herself up like a rough diamond who is now shining with her glow of health and empowerment.

I love looking at her, all smiles and with radiant glow of happiness she bestow on whoever meets her. Always kind
words of positivity leaves her beautiful lips. I have not met a young individual so motivated to work on herself and at the same time empowers the world around her to be with her every step of the way.

I have not planned to do weight training.
I just wonder how did the bikini babes did it? Looking so awesomely good in their 2 pieces. I just wanna work out my flabby stretched marked tummy which has wonderfully given birth two OMG fast growing handsome kids.

Hilda recommended weight
training and hitting the gym. She is currently a coach for women in Singapore. I said YES! Not knowing what “trouble” I have got myself into *grins.

As I entered the gym, I saw some men and women working intensely with their flashy biceps,
triceps and beautiful butts… my mind started to flash the “what-ifs”. I grew uncomfortable, felt like invisible to their beautiful physique but Hilda, guided me with her easy-to-do step by step exercises (with and without weights)  alongside powerful
words of wisdom and positivity.

The best part was she includes “FUN” In every step of the way. I didn’t find our training like a chore but instead looking forward to it almost everyday.

You can catch up on her instagram here:

I would love to see my “bikini body” some day. Since I am busily travelling, I was not able to commit full-time on it. But what she taught me, I can practise anywhere in the world.

Furthermore her “work of art” weight training and coaching  has
started to “blossom and is showing its beautiful curves on my arms, butt and abdomen in just 2 weeks of training.

So what are you waiting for? Are you sceptical like me? It was kinda intimidating for me, at first. But it grew on me.
I began to like it. And I can get to eat all kinds of meat after that. I’m a meat girl, remember?

I was a newbie gym girl but now I began to understand the concept and did some training and technique in a proper gym guided by a coach who has a trainer coach (Blaire Singer-one of Robert Kiyosaki’s advisors/friends often taught
us; his logistics team to find a coach who has a coach so that he/she can take you further beyond your imaginable capabilities)  .

So I took his advice and trained with Hilda and have moved up another level – a “gym baby”. Yeay!!

I knew nothing about gym, weight and the in-betweens of it all. I just knew what I want my outcome to be.

She has all type of
programs (full-time, part-time, hourly, weekly, daily etc) which are affordable and personalised for women. Do check her out and contact her through her instagram.


Love self, love body,

love fully and whole-ly.

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