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Jumping Jacks-A new sport ?



When I was invited to learn “Jumping Jacks”, I said YES immediately thinking..”Jumping Jacks, ahh that is easy, kids play…”. But then, I was so wrong…:p

Its totally different!

But nevertheless, it was an amazing experience because not only was I learning a new set of skills and talent but I also learnt more things about myself, my confidence, my self-esteem, my worries and my inner “self-talk”.

It was fun. I fell so many times!! Ouch!! But that embarrassment of looking “silly” or  how I looked like in front of the public -no longer disturbed me. Dirt, sand, grass was all over me even in my mouth.

The hard part was not about falling million times, its about getting up. Then I started to realize how heavy my body was. (OMG?! After years of indulgence…guilty, guilty.)

Anyway, “Jumping Jacks” felt like attaching an extended pair of “kangaroo” or “alien” legs to our already perfect human legs. Maybe this was how the pole/stilt-walkers felt like. But these “babelicious equipments” have springs. So like a baby kangaroo….I’m doing my best to balance and learn how to walk.

It felt uncomfortable to learn how to “walk” again with the “younger” crowds of kids and teenagers. I felt so self-conscious. The age difference suddenly seemed to enlarge. I no longer felt that youthful.
Keeping myself balanced was a lot of work too. Tiredness began to take its toll on me.The ego started to feel uncomfortable, the embarrassment, the energy of ups and downs dealing with the negativity of all the what-ifs imaginable (e.g what happened if I fell on the rock? Or topple over the innocent children who were in awe of our presence)…  and my “matured” body seems to be falling all over the place….out of balance, out of shape, out of energy, out of breath…

The weariness settled in and my enthusiasm waned. My endless excuses gleefully hijacked success from happening. I did my best to focus on the outer world and also on my inner world.

And when I didn’t, I lost control and fell. When all else failed, I mustered my left-over positivity and barricade myself with a strong wall of simple but powerful affirmation: ” I can do this. This is easy.”
But then, again whatever I’m experiencing, was mine. For you, it could be different.

For me,it’s showcasing my inner world as I face my challenges on the outer world. And also how I view the world alongside magical fairies and unicorns :)

 Anyway as they say- How I do anything is how I do everything, right? *grin.
So, got to learn from that.

I did stand, walk, fell a million times, walked a hundred metres (or more), get up, crawled, rolled over, “cheated” a bit …and “dondang sayang” while on the jumping jacks. I was a satisfied student.
What did I learn from this? It just reinforced my old beliefs – I learnt that in everything we do, we have control over it. Its in our minds. And everything is definitely possible.

And yes, I told Simon that it would be 15 minutes before I could let go of his hand and walk confidently on my own. In fact, I took much shorter time. Probably in a minute or two. And yes what he said was true, I underestimate my own capability.

Ok, I need someone to massage me, apply some band-aids to the cuts, and kiss my “rainbow” bruises, goodbye. Anyone?

Thank you Action World Sports Pte. Ltd. and Mr Simon Lim for taking the time and patiently
“educate” us not only the techniques but enforced the positive mindset and inner self-talk. Towards a better life and better self.

Mr Simon Lim was our amazing instructor and is also the owner of the sports company that brings all kinds of amazing “out-of-the- box”, extreme sports/activities/training to Singapore.

It was totally unplanned but yet so much fun and we had a blast!

Part 1

Part 2

Love me, love my body…

Health is wealth!


P.s: Email me for more info if you wanna purchase these “babelicious equipments” for yourself, family, corporate and events.

Mr Simon also have trainers for corporate “teambuilding” and bonding programs. 


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