Beauty Review-A9 Skin Lab at Toa Payoh Central

Country: Singapore 

It has been hectic past few days with business travels in Asia. I have not been sleeping well nor did I have a well-deserved full-fledge rest in between. Nevertheless, I was happy to learn lots from the giants of the business world from the education sector.
I have been mentioning to my “business friends” and whoever were around me..that I need a massage and facial for the past few days but never get the chance to take time out to really immerse myself in such “rejuvenating” pleasures.
Well, when you travel, be careful of what you wish for, because it often comes true. Being a world traveller, I have learnt that wishes/intentions comes true often in “super-fast mode” when one travels.
With that being said, I was visualising myself in a facial cum massage whenever I got my forty winks in between to lull myself for the power nap to recharge.
I reached home in Singapore and as I was about to rest fully, I got an invitation to experience a “dermalogical” facial. Without thinking much what it actually meant, I went ahead…
It was like a dream come true… Hurray!! A well-deserved facial and massage. It was also a public holiday and surprise surprise!…they were open.
I was greeted by one of the founders and owners of A9 Skin lab. A petite slim built woman with flawless skin. I was in awe of her face. It looked like fair, silky smooth, tight and youthful complexion that I’ve always dreamed of having.
Ms Cheng Liya welcomed me with a beautiful smile and glowing skin. Her conversational skills are more to Mandarin than English thus that allows me to practise my “basic Mandarin language skills”.
She explained to me about her company: A9 Skin Lab…A partnership between two amazing beauty therapists with 40 years of beauty and dermatological experiences combined.
I am a beauty newbie. As you may have followed me thru out the years, after 7 years of blogging, I only recently opened to the idea of reviewing facial, spa, beauty services and products. My niche originally are only travel , food and empowering seminars/events.
So being a newbie excited to learn more about the “beauty world”, I listened and engaged myself fully in the whole conversation even though I was still “jetlagged” from my business trips… I even took notes. I was a good student, even the word “Dermatologica” sounded so “chim” (local lingo for complex) that I had to “google” it up….
“Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the hair, nails, skin and its diseases. It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects”-Wikipedia
So with much explanation about their works alongside professional trainings and systemisation and much sophistication, I wanted to know more…
I did do a brief research before “plunging” into another beauty spa review. As much enthusiastic I was, I was not that “fearless” to “experiment” and subject my “normal skin” to an unknown brand (FYI-Dermalogica© is a worldwide famous well-established brand. I am a newbie in this and so my “beauty knowledge is quite limited). I need to do my own research….
I learnt that A9 Skin lab only uses original and certified Dermalogica© Products. They carefully craft and select the best products and services for every of their client . They believe everybody’s skin is different and unique.
They seek to ensure that their client’s skin improve greatly in every visit and also create awareness by teaching them the basics of taking care of the skin at home so that they can continue on the journey of having flawless skin with daily simple regime.
I’ve also learnt that Dermalogica products’ priority is focusing on healthy skin. They are designed to help keep skin at an optimal level of fitness. And their products are best used under the professional trained Skin Therapist like Liya.
Why? Because they are specially trained for Dermalogica products and also Face Mapping skin analysis (Face Mapping is a process of analysing the skin zone by zone so that the clients can get full optimization of the desired results of healthy skin with the products best “prescribed” only for their unique skin. )
After listening to Liya’s passionate explanation on her Dermalogica products, experiences and her niches, I was intrigued to experience it. It was said that every customer can feel the difference immediately after every “dermalogica” services/facial..
So what am I waiting for? Immediately, I wanted to experience the “change”…
I was then guided to one of her 3 rooms. It was a very clean, cute and cosy place. A relaxing melody was played at the background. I smelled a hint of fragrance that immediately relaxed my tired joints and muscles.Soon, I was lying on the comfy single bed awaiting my first “dermalogica” facial.
I can recognise the similar facial routines since I was first introduced to beauty and spa in my “virgin visit” to an Organic Spa.
But there are also some differences like…

A thinly net was placed on my face and then some kind of electrical “swapping” on my face and also the removal of “black heads” by her intricate fingers.
It was fascinating. I just enjoyed every process of it. But the removal of black heads was not my cup of tea. I felt that it was a little bit painful as she extracted the black heads from every part of my face. I can feel the “pinching” from the nose to the cheeks to even the skin part at the bottom of my lips.
She even told me that my face has some blackheads that have “roots” that may have been there for decades. And she professionally extracted them and showing me the “stubborn decades-old blackheads roots” (yikes?!).
That was the only slight “uncomfy-ness”, the rest was a bliss and therapeutic especially the neck, shoulder and partial top chest massage. It soon put me to sleep like a baby. But the “rewards” are definitely priceless… So a tiny pain for a major “happy-ness” of the skin is definitely worth it!
When I woke up, I felt refreshed and I looked at myself in the mirror. It looked like every part of my face was breathing and alive again. I can see the pores “feeling happy”, there is no more “blocked blood” in my face. And its much clearer than before. The blackheads and whiteheads are gone. I felt that my face is very “clean”. 
I do not know how to explain it, but my skin felt much cleaner and happier. Both inside and outside. And Liya also did wonders with my knotted shoulders and neck from all the travels etc. It felt like I have been spending endless hours there and I wanted more of their services. It was a beautiful, rejuvenating and pleasurable experience.
I wanted to show “a before-and-after look” but Liya said that is too common. Everyone can “selfie” and “touch-up” with so many picture editing softwares to make the after-effects look so majestically beautifully like the Korean Celebrities. 
So, I shall not post any of my “after-facial skin” picture, here. She prefer people to come and experience their services and comment truthfully.
So, beauty lovers, newbies (like me) , facial lovers…. do come and visit them and do comment truthfully about their services. Go and get your own experience and tell us all about it.
Good or bad, they love them all because they love to always give the best services and improve as much to give their best professional skills and niches to their loving clients. They want everyone to experience the best skin health care and services and continue maintaining it easily at home.
I was then served with a warm cup of red tea (what seems like a mild sweet red date tea with probable goji fruits). That adds a pleasant sweet touch to the whole therapeutic experience.
So call them up at 62598529 make an appointment for their services and write to me about your experiences at
Good or bad, we (me included even as a blogger) love your comments and looking forward to work with you to upgrade our services’ standards and professionalism. Customers are our love.
Don’t take my word for it, heck don’t believe a word I say, go and experience their services for yourself!(*wink)
A9 Skin Lab
Address: Block 185 Toa Payoh Central #01-344 S(310185)
Opening hours: 11am – 8.30pm (Monday -Friday) 10am-7pm (weekends)
It’s recommended that you call for appointment before walk-in: 62598529 
Also mentioned that you heard about them thru  Lina the blogger to receive a “mystery” gift.
(Hurry! While stocks last)
(All photos courtesy of A9 Skin Lab)
My ratings verdict: 4 love out of 5.
Gratitude: Thank you to A9 Skin Lab for a beautiful introduction of Dermatological Products and services. Thank you Liya for patiently answering my 101 questions about the-everything concerning beauty, facial, flawless skin and for guiding me to this beautiful rejuvenating experience. Thank you Simon for this beautiful connection. Love y’all. Stay awesome always.
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