Iphone App-WHQ is going mobile! (BETA)

Dear foodies,
How have you been? Hopefully the festive Eid/Raya season or probably the current Mooncake vibes has put you up in a jovial tummylicious mood.

Previously a fan has suggested in facebook (thks Songkok guy!) about WHQ setting up an iphone /android app for Halal consumers and businesses worldwide. Well, that was supposed to happen earlier but for some unforeseen circumstances,it has to be cancelled. Well, it’s ok..everything that happen has a blessing.

Anyway after the Ramadan series, I felt kinda tummy-fied(tummy satisfied) and decided to hybernate just, to rest my tummy..*chuckles. Knowing the vibrant me, I was able to keep still for a moment.Luckily, there was an opportunity knocking at my door before I get restless. Thus, here I am hybernating (part-time), taking some time off from blogging and focussing on this new project -IPHONE APP.

I have always been intrigued by new technology, new products, new info/knowledge… and so I’m very excited about this new Iphone thingy. I just purchased my iphone few months ago thus, still am very much a newbie dummy.

But insya-Allah will treasure this opportunity given and will do my bestest (with some hardworking and creative partners-Thank you!) to create a one of a kind app that Halal consumers/businesses (or simple foodies like u and me) around the world will benefit,insyaAllah amin.

Vision mission is:
-WHQ is driven to educate and promote halal food awareness and highlight the halal establishments around the world.
-WHQ aims to be No.1 HALAL comprehensive food review guide worldwide with loads of yummilicious reviews and pictures.
-WHQ hopes to encourage more HALAL businesses and increase the no. of Halal consumers worldwide.

This is what I hope it can do (insyaAllah):
*One stop Halal food and restaurants info
*New Reviews being added daily
*Ratings are focussing on quality, taste and ambience
*Choose a restaurant from an easy drop down list
*Full search functions
*Online bookings and one touch dial restaurant
*Only the best restaurants make it to the WHQ top list
*Local dining gems that are not featured elsewhere
*Bookmark your favourite restaurants
*Feedback to WHQ thru your iphone
*Befriend users worldwide online thru forum and other social networking facebook/twitter
*Users can submit comments about the reviews
*Goodies for Top Users

For more info, please do give this a sneak peek (it’s FREE!):

It is currently in BETA version (still under works), need all the supplications,support, active participations,positive comments,motivations and love… that I can get. *hint hint

You are welcome to join us..by downloading the iphone app and do not hesitate to give us some feedbacks ( positive,motivating comments) in order for this app to serve you better.

Thank you.

Have a yummilicious day!


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