Ramadan 2010 Series-Introduction

Ramadan is one of the holy months in Islamic calendar. During this whole month, Muslims of the world fast thruout the day.

We start off with an early breakfast around 4.30am-5.30am (Singapore time).And the iftar timing(breaking fast) is around 7+pm (sunset).Fasting literally meant no food nor drinks during the fasting hours(that includes abstaining from smoking, sexual activities…)

Aside from detoxing the body from impurities, Ramadan is also a month whereby Muslims are encourage to improve their spirituality, clean their internal and external beings by reciting the holy Quran, do the extra prayers of Tarawikh (held in congregations from 8.30pm-10pm in all mosques of the world), do many acts of kindness towards the less fortunate and refrain from doing sins and curb the fiery anger within ourselves.

In Singapore, and its neighbouring countries, Ramadan are often celebrated in a big way. Masses of Ramadan food bazaar and night markets will sprout in every corner of the islands. This is to facilitate the joy of breaking fast in return of gaining bountiful profits on earth and hereafter. Often,in our busy lifestyles and hectic working schedules, it will be a rush to go home and cooked for the whole family thus many prefer breaking fast in restaurants/eateries with their loved ones or just buy takeaways from the many food bazaars.

Many also take this opportunity to forge old and new friendships and strengthen family ties by dining out. Breaking fast in Singapore is no longer strictly to Muslims.Out of respect for Islam, many friends and colleagues of different races join in their dining out experience to learn more about Ramadan and its important presence in a Muslim life.Thus this create a cohesiveness and awareness of other races and religions living in the same beloved country.Awareness and understanding enforces unity.

And another favourite activity of mine is enjoying the porridge cooked by passionate voluntary staff of mosques and public.Porridge cooked with so much love…nnnn, I can alsmot smell it now *drools. People of all races and religions can queue up for the free porridge from 4.30pm onwards in all mosques in Singapore. For me, a few dates and porridge, with loads of water is sufficient for a humble iftar. And some mosques have daily iftars whereby anyone are encouraged to join in too(Normally by 6.45pm,people are already seated waiting for the call of prayer to signal the time to break fast).

I enjoyed to watch masses break fast especially in the Muslim community areas such as Geylang, Arab Street and many more. Tears welled up my eyes at times in conscious gratitude that we are all doing the same thing-fasting and eating at the right time, in unison, irregardless what colour our skin or hair is. The powerful positive vibes can be felt almost immediately. Alhamdulillah, Im excited to embrace the coming Ramadan month.

Previous years, I have the luxury of spending my Ramadan in Morocco, Europe and Malaysia. This year, I will try my best to stay quietly in Singapore and feature the various dining experiences here.(Provided, my feet stay grounded and do not fickle its way out for an overseas splendour *chuckles)

As mentioned, I will try to feature these places ASAP (the earlier the better) so that the community are able to preplanned and do their immediate bookings with the respective restaurants/eateries. And of course, I do not wish to disrupt my own personal spiritual experience with Ramadan, thus the last 14 days of Ramadan will be kept restrictive,out of bounds…personally on my own, with my loved ones.

I hope this Ramadan will be the best Ramadan for you and your loved ones. May it groom us to be the best- internally and externally. Encourage us to foster good relationships amongst others and enable us to ponder on our own reflections and change for the better. Remember not to waste food in any way and remember those people who are less fortunate than us. And hopefully, love, charity, awareness (consideration for others and ourselves plus immediate families) will continue to be our way of life even after Ramadan.amin.

Have a blessed Ramadan!


p.s: Oh well…to start up those drool factory…
First restaurant to be featured in this Ramadan series will have…Organic tender melt-in-the mouth ribs, boeuf bourguignon, a touch of truffles, goose liver, oysters, creme brule and ….. (are u drooling yet? *wink) Well, do visit this site often for more updates!

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