Freshest sambal sting ray in ABC

This time the stall is open. It is HALAL-certified. Tried the sambal sting ray for $10 (small). Very meaty and fresh. The mini salad of sliced pickled white carrot, carrots and cucumber adds a refreshing twist to your tongue. Normally I dont like the white carrot kelatness/bitterness but this is nice. It really goes well with the sting ray. And the sambal is nice too. I think they use fresh chillies (but maybe I was wrong) So those in the vicinity, no need to go to Newton, just eat here…

Ages ago, I went to ABC market (before renovation) and I came upon a YUMMILICIOUS Gado-gado. The old man served us with separate plate for gado-gado and a plate of full of brownish yummy fish crackers.

And the last time I went here which was recently , I tried the best mango and durian shake but the malay stalls are mostly closed (due to Ramadan).

This time, the stalls are mostly open and I searched and searched but found only one stall selling gado-gado.Is this the one? but anyway the gado-gado is SEDAP! $3.

I saw many customer queing up for the mee rebus. I also tried the Mee bakso, I think its average…but I like the springy beef balls.

This chiken rice is srom stall name “Geylang chicken rice”. Ages ago, I’ve tasted some nice chicken rice here and also the neighbouring blk 2 RH chicken rice. but somehow this chicken rice is ok only.

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