123 – We cannot make everyone love us but we can….

Send blessings to the whole wide world….

What I feel like saying…
I got off the lift and met my neighbour. Her face changed as if feeling, dampen…to see me. 
I ignored her expression and greeted her in my chirpy way.
I perceived she don’t really liked me. And I wonder why. Because in my mind, I felt like I did nothing to incur such dislike from her and she has been great, helping us in updating us with the neighbourhood news.
I tried to ignore these negative critics that popped up. But it’s not a nice feeling, knowing that someone somewhere don’t like you. I want to know why and how I can rectify that.
But then again, it can also be my own illusion. A person’s expression can meant a thousand meaning. Maybe its about me, maybe its not.
Nevertheless, I decided to send love and blessings her way. And ho’oponopono.
I’ve gone along way with many neighbours in many towns and cities. I do my best to keep myself out of others’ business and kept my roof to my own.
But in every town or city I’ve lived, for me, there was always 1 troublemaker (in the past) . 
He or she will go all out to create chaos for me for something beyond my control or sometimes, the disturbance complained were not caused by me or my kids. 
It was truly exhausting.
When I felt like giving up, I went in and ask myself, what is within me… That is Creating this? And what’s the resistance within me that is preventing me from solving this?
Mostly it’s a belief I created within. Beliefs I’ve created when I witness in my past thru my parents, relatives, friends and more. 
One of them was… 
A belief that says, there is always a troublemaker in my life. He or she will always create hell for me.
I wasn’t conscious of this belief within me. 
But later, I acknowledge its existence within. I seek its lesson and more. And then I release it.
And after that, my life has been much peaceful. My neighbours have been so loving towards me. And even those not nice ones. And for the rest, whom were nasty, I never see them anymore.
Fascinating isn’t it?
P. S: And for those who seemed to dislike you, send love and blessings their way. Do ho’oponopono further, to cleanse the relationship.
Anyway, they may have Misunderstood us or we may have misunderstood them. 
So many times, when I frowned or have a blank expression, peeps often misunderstood that it’s about them, whereas I was thinking nothing sometimes (I learn the art of think nothing from my man friend in Austria) .
So let it go. Bless them all. 
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