116 – Warriors are not afraid to do what is hard

Warriors’ affirmation: 

I am willing to do what is hard
Sometimes we have to do the hard things so others don’t have to….
Being a single mom, sometimes I have to do things men do. 
I have zero knowledge about plumbing, carpentry or fixing anything around the house, heck I didn’t even know how to put in the light bulbs.
But these little fixtures, I’ve learn to overcome and learn. And if truly needed, I will call that fixer man.
All my life, I’ve always wanted to make life easier for my sons. But there was a point when I believe, they need to play their part. And walk their own challenging paths.
I dislike things men had to do, like carpentry. 
Sawing stuff is not my thing. And one day, I found myself in a situation I promised never to get into.
I asked my kids to saw some bamboo poles. In Singapore, most of us lived in high rised buildings. And we used bamboo poles to dry our clothes (now there are light metal poles). Some of us used dryer but to me, it don’t make any sense to use dryer (electricity wastage and costly) when the sunshine is abundant and all year round, in Singapore (I love the crisp scent of clothes drying up in the sun). 
And they justified giving me “new easy alternatives” (or excuses) so they can play their games.
I tried them and  when they were gone (vacay with their father) , there were some issues with these alternatives that ended me cleaning up their messes and even do the “sawing” which I truly dislike.
I was pissed. I told them, in life though it is easy and effortless, sometimes we have to do what is hard. And warriors are not afraid to do what is hard.
And of course, in order for me to “preach” this to them, I too have to look deeper within.
And of course, the message to be preached is meant for me, as well.
Yes, sometimes warriors of life have to do the hard things in life. And…. 
Laugh when life is challenging. That will ease the journey further.
P. S: One may ponder… 
why not delegate to the professionals–call the fixer man? Well, it’s just a few pieces of bamboo. And I got me a small hand saw (part of me say-why not?) 
Minute actually. So you can imagine, how long my dainty fingers took to saw it off. And blisters was the result of it 🙂 
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