105 – Tuning and sharpening our senses

What I feel like saying…
Too many times, we do not take a moment and be in gratitude of what we have until its gone.
For example, as we grew older in age, sometimes our vision may falter.
When I was in my forties, my vision started getting blurry. I didn’t know it was because my 3rd eye is fully open and interfered with what I’m seeing. 
And when I calmed myself down and integrate my 3rd eye with my physical eyes… my eyes became normal (just close your eyes, breathe in and out 3x and then say – I choose to sync my 3rd eye with my physical eyes in a harmonious balance for the highest good of all concerned). 
But if you do not wish to sync them or have your 3rd eye open, just do this. (do note: I believed that when we reach a certain age probably 40s and above, our 3rd eye has “ripened” and in full bloom, thus they are always readily open) 
Lately, I chose to slow down in this season of healing, I noticed that my senses have been sharpened especially my sense of smell.
It’s as if I can separate the conglomerate of scents and tune into what I desire.
For example, I can smell the toilet was not cleansed or being flushed even if I was separated by many rooms. 
And I can smell the brand or the type of shower soap my neighbours were using (and they were floors below?!?) or spices they used in their cooking (even if my windows were closed). 
It was so strong and vivid that I felt as if my spirit went into their homes for a visit (perhaps I did). 
Once or twice when the food got bad cos we forgot to heat it up, and my kids were in the kitchen lifting the lids to see if there were any food, and I can smell it so crisply as if someone dab the scent at my nose… And I was in another room.
Isn’t it just wonderful that we can sharpen our senses when we take time to relax and slow down?
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