101 – Saying Yes to what life brings….

What I feel like saying….
We all have some from of limited ideas what we were born to be….. 
What if life wanted us to be different than we ever thought possible? 
Will you say YES? Are you bold enough to say yes and experience a new path and venture into the world of the unknown? 
When I was in Bali, I learn a simple healing technique similar to tapping. And then I was asked to heal the public.
We have a few days where we stationed at public parks and the public can come to us for any healing. It was free.
At first it was pretty awkward for me. Cause I wasn’t planning on healing anyone. I was concerned only on healing myself (it wasn’t much of physical dis-eases but for me was more spiritual and heart illusions). 
But to heal in public? For Strangers I never knew? 
I felt like a newbie and I fear I might do more harm than healing. But I ended up doing pretty alright.
A year later, I came back for holiday with my child. And I was again requested to do healing. But this time, it’s more than public, prominent people came forward. I was entrusted with secrets.
It took me a long while, to understand that this is part of my journey. I never wanted to be a healer. And it scared me, sometimes. Cos I don’t know what i don’t know. 
And being on a healer’s journey, I have to be open. And not just to the not normal but beyond (That’s why I love to watch fantasy movies). 
I believe everyone has the healing abilities. It’s up to us if we wanna utilise them or not.
But first to use them is to acknowledge their existence. And saying Yes will open more doors that may not be normal, some say bizarre and extremely weird (no, I don’t mean spells or enchantment or entities , I’m focusing on energy and human). 
At first I was afraid, afraid because I have beliefs about healers that are not empowering. But when I was presented with the opportunities to heal others, it felt like I’ve been doing this all my life.
Me saying Yes was only the first step of the journey. And as I trusted the process and miracles, and believed that the Universe has my back, something within was being unfolded. 
I say YES to opening more doors and I see a much bigger world beyond I ever can imagined. 
It’s like a hidden blueprint was shown. And I never knew what I will meet or who needs healing. Because at the end of the day, I felt we were all healers and wounders. 
We meet to heal each other of all the illusions that we have created thru our pasts, legacy thru ancestors, some believed previous lives and many more.
For me, I truly don’t care what peeps think of me, let alone me being a healer. I believed that the right people will come to me. And the healer within me will come forward doing her best to solve whatever was entrusted to her. 
What will you do if you came upon a hidden ability within yourself?
Will you say yes?
It’s not rationale, the mind can never understand but will you give it a chance and say yes? 
Will you deny them and stay hidden while the people around you needed them?
Will you experiment with them and help only when deemed necessary?
Or do you feel that great powers come with great responsibilities? 
P. S: When I started out, and my third eye is open everyday… I fear I started seeing ghosts or ghouls and more. But that did not happen. We won’t be entrusted to do something we are not ready, yet. And I believe that if one do not wish to “see” beyond our normal world, one can close that “vision” gift or filter them.
There seems to be a respectable boundary between worlds. 
With that being said… 
After 100 days, I’m gonna go with the flow. Lessons or gems in the stories I’ve shared will not be highlighted boldly. That depends on the reader to figure it out. 
Maybe it’s lessons I’m sharing or maybe it’s pure ramblings. Whatever it is, I’m just gonna write what feels needed to be written.
Have fun unfolding your life and your mysteries. 
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